Choosing the coolest party supplies for your birthday is a time-honored tradition at our house, and this year I’m pretty sure the winner will be these adorable color your own paper cups from the Oh Happy Day party shop. These coloring cups are like a fun craft, party favor, and of course, drinking cup, all rolled into one. And definitely more fun than scribbling kids’ initials with Sharpies to cut back on those half-finished cups of lemonade.

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Fun coloring cups = party activity and party supply in one.

Adorable coloring cups from Oh Happy Day. Party genius.

I think the cups make the perfect activity for those first 15 slow minutes of a kid’s party, when guests are starting to arrive but you’re not in all-out party mode yet. Then, as the party gets going, each kid will know which cup is theirs. But I’m also going to keep these in the back of my mind for those times I’ve signed up to bring supplies to school for classroom parties. What a smart sit-at-your-desk activity that’s still very cool, thanks to the cute but weird monsters on them. As all monsters should be.


You can find these fun color your own paper cups at Oh Happy Day’s party store online. Fair warning: you can spend hours looking through all the amazing party finds she has there.