Buying a new cosmetics case isn’t a bad annual tradition, at least if yours gets as beat up as mine do, with spills and smudges and that glittery who-knows-what embedded in there. It’s more affordable than buying a whole new handbag, and a great way to stay organized if you tend to carry bigger bags and totes all day like we New Yawkahs do.

If you’re in the market, I am loving these handmade metallic leather cosmetics cases from Etsy’s Gift Shop Brooklyn.  Artist Annie Olean Bukhman claims they can work on their own as small clutches when you’re running quickly out the door with just a couple of essentials, but not sure I could get my phone and keys and…well, I probably have too many “essentials.” What I really want is one to stash in my handbag for instant access to lipstick — or even small tech accessories and cords, or business card, or pens — without rummaging around too much.

Clearly in my world, you cannot have too many pouches for such things.

Just know you have to wait a couple of weeks to get yours, since each one is completely handmade to order.


Lovely handmade metallic cosmetics bags from a Brooklyn artist on Etsy

Metallic cosmetics bag collection from Gift Shop Brooklyn on Etsy

I know for a fact that shiny, pretty things just make me happy, and it would be nice seeing it on my dresser top each morning, before I plonk it into my tote and head out for the day. Maybe one in that rosy copper to match your new rose gold iPhone 6S? Hm…

Find the metallic leather cosmetics cases and more from Etsy’s Gift Shop Brooklyn. They also come as beautiful large metallic leather clutches if you love it so much you want even more or fit. Look around the shop for lots of amazing accessories.