I know a lot of parents have a fondness for those little green army men toys of their youth (and the Toy Story franchise) but not everyone wants their kids playing around with guns. So I have to give props to Toyboarders which transformed the idea into a kinder, gentler, and more rad toy option.

The sets of 24 little 2″ tall men — and women and kids ¬†— can include skaters, snowboarders, or surfers. And these guys clearly know their stuff, considering actual skaters and boarders will recognize the¬†8 different poses. but whether your kid knows¬†a tube ride from a nose ride, it almost doesn’t matter. For just $6 a pack, they’re awesome for party goodie bags or…dare I utter the words¬†stocking stuffer in October?

Toyboarders Skate Series: Like the old fashioned little green army men, refashioned as skaters

Little green army men reimagined as boarders by Toyboarders

The surfer set of Toyboarders, a modern riff on the little green army men toys

Toyboarders: Little green army men toys reimagined as skaters and surfers | photo: Rob Kalmbach

I’d just like to say I’d love to see more women in the packs. Or maybe an all women pack? Judging from the number of Toyboarder¬†fans¬†sharing skater girl¬†shots on Instagram,¬†I’m not alone.


Find the sets of AJ’s Toyboarders at their site or on¬†The Fancy¬†for $5.95¬†a set of 24. And check out the¬†Toyboarders Instagram account which is super fun!

Top photo via Angie Garcia; bottom photo via Rob Kalmbach who has plenty more.