I know a lot of parents have a fondness for those little green army men toys of their youth (and the Toy Story franchise) but not everyone wants their kids playing around with guns. So I have to give props to Toyboarders which transformed the idea into a kinder, gentler, and more rad toy option.

The sets of 24 little 2″ tall men — and women and kids  — can include skaters, snowboarders, or surfers. And these guys clearly know their stuff, considering actual skaters and boarders will recognize the 8 different poses. but whether your kid knows a tube ride from a nose ride, it almost doesn’t matter. For just $6 a pack, they’re awesome for party goodie bags or…dare I utter the words stocking stuffer in October?

Toyboarders Skate Series: Like the old fashioned little green army men, refashioned as skaters

Little green army men reimagined as boarders by Toyboarders

The surfer set of Toyboarders, a modern riff on the little green army men toys

Toyboarders: Little green army men toys reimagined as skaters and surfers | photo: Rob Kalmbach

I’d just like to say I’d love to see more women in the packs. Or maybe an all women pack? Judging from the number of Toyboarder fans sharing skater girl shots on Instagram, I’m not alone.


Find the sets of AJ’s Toyboarders at their site or on The Fancy for $5.95 a set of 24. And check out the Toyboarders Instagram account which is super fun!

Top photo via Angie Garcia; bottom photo via Rob Kalmbach who has plenty more.