We all know that as your kids get older, it can be tough to remember their milestones, like which Halloween your kid was a vampire bride and which year they were the Arthurian knight with the helmet that wouldn’t stay on. Hopefully, I’m not alone in having a case of selective Halloween memory. It’s a real thing.

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Also a real thing: Every parent online these days seems to be into those cute printable milestone cards, like the ones for first day of school pictures. So I am digging that Milestone Cards has offered up a few adorable free printable Halloween photo cards for both first Halloweens and those thereafter. And yes, they come in English too.

Free printable Halloween photo cards from Milestone Cards

Just take a picture of your baby with the card in it, and then share it on social media so that all of your friends and family can ohhh and ahhh at your little ghoul. Or, you can just treasure the picture all on your own. Not that anyone does that these days.

Download the  free printable Halloween baby photo cards at Miilestone Cards and you can tag with #MilestoneCards on Instagram if you would like to be in their online gallery. They have a huge selection of cards in all different languages to mark all kinds of milestones worth checking out too.

Top photo: @4party_