We always have the best time each Halloween poking around the web looking for the most awesome baby costumes. But the truth is, we’re busy! While some of you blow our minds putting those sleepless hours to use building outrageous costumes, we know there are tons of ideas for creative DIY baby costumes that you can pull off with a little imagination, some basic crafting skills (or ordering-from-Etsy skills) and maybe even a baby carrier.

You don’t need pyrotechnics, you don’t need a Masters in Electric Circuitry.

Here, 25 truly hilarious, adorably creative baby Halloween costumes that make us go, whoa! Also? Make us feel a little sheepish about those years we just stuck our kids in a store-bought peapod costume and called it a night. – Christina + Liz

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DIY iPhone stroller baby Halloween Costume via Rookie Moms

DIY iPhone Stroller baby costume (Rookie Moms)
This is so easy and the effect is genius.

Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Baby Top Gun - Goose and Maverick!

DIY Top Gun baby costume for twins (Daily Picks and Flicks)
Oh, Goose and Maverick. We just can’t quit you.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Milk & Cookies by Jessica Schaefer Photography

DIY Milk and Cookies costume (Wrap Your Baby)
A dad could pull this off too as a “milk man” but then–don’t read too much into it.
Photo © Jessica Schaefer Photography


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: DIY baby biker costume

DIY baby biker costume (Imgur)
Just add a tattoo, some facial hair, and a bandana and you realize that babies kind of look like bikers anyway.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Sushi Chef at Wrap Your Baby

DIY Sushi Chef babywearing costume (Wrap Your Baby)
That baby looks as comfy as a fresh piece of ebi nestled on a bed of rice. Or a bed of Mom.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Cow with nipples rom Make It & Love It

DIY baby cow costume (Make It & Love It)
It’s the bottle nipples that totally make this fantastic.

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Creative Halloween costumes for baby: ET & Eliot via Wrap Your Baby

DIY Baby ET and Elliot costume (Wrap Your Baby)
Especially great if you don’t have to get off the bike, while older siblings hit the neighbors’ doors themselves.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Aerobics instructor by Homemade by Jill

80’s Aerobics Instructor DIY baby costume  (Homemade by Jill)
Apologies if you get “Physical” stuck in your head all day.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: DIY baby Dali Lama costume

 DIY baby Dalai Lama costume (Imgur)
The rebirth of the 13th Dalai Lama, indeed.


DIY Prince Halloween costume for babies - perfect!

DIY baby Prince costume. (College Humor)
Created to scale, perhaps?


Creative Halloween costume for baby: Harry Potter costume via Love and Lion

DIY Baby Harry Potter costume (Love & Lion)
Don’t forget the lightning bolt!

Easy DIY baby Halloween costume: Old School Nintendo Game Boy playing Tetris

DIY Retro Tetris Game Boy baby costume (Really Awesome Costumes)
An embellished onesie is always a great shortcut to a cute costume,


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Strongman via PBS Parents

DIY Baby Strongman costume — or Strongwoman! (PBS Parents)
Of all the traditional circus characters, this one freaks us out less than the bearded lady.

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Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Pineapple at Lines Across

DIY baby pineapple costume (Lines Across)
If you’ve got more than one kid, make a whole fruit salad!


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Spider and web by Built by Kids

DIY Spider and Web mom and baby costume (Built by Kids)
If you’re up for dressing up too, this is such a cute way to bring your baby out on the town.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Octopus at Costume Works

DIY Baby Octopus costume (Costume Works)
This is so easy to pull off if you just stuff 6 extra pairs of socks or high leggings.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Prisoner at Costume Works

Just Released Prisoner DIY baby costume (Costume Works)
Orange is the new gingham.

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Halloween costume for baby: King Kong at 1337 Mom

DIY King Kong baby wearing costume (1337 Mom)
A clever way to carry around your little monkey.


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: DIY Owl costume at Lifeflix

DIY Baby Owl costume (Lifeflix)
While this isn’t as easy as a store-bought, the results are so beautiful aren’t they? Inspired by this Halloween costume how-to at Martha Stewart.


Halloween costumes for baby: DIY popcorn box by This Place is Now Home

DIY Box of Popcorn baby and parent costume (This Place is Now Home, via Brit + Co.)
Because once you have a baby, this is the closest you’ll get to a movie theater.


DIY Olaf Halloween costume for baby at Mommy Testers

Frozen’s Olaf baby costume (Mommy Testers)
Do you want to build a snowman? This is another easy onesie-as-costume; just make sure the pieces stay on tight.


Nacho Libre costume for baby : Huffington Post

DIY baby Nacho Libre costume (Huffington Post)
So easy to make and oh my lord, that moustache!


Creative Halloween costumes for baby: Mummy by Super Lucky

DIY baby mummy costume (Super Lucky)
It’s just like swaddling. Kind of.


Creative Halloween Costumes for Triplets: Stoplight via Triplet connection

Triplet Stoplight (Triplet Connection)
Well, as long as you have the stroller…


Halloween Costume for Baby: Little Old Lady at Costume Works

Little Old Lady DIY baby costume (Costume Works)
Still a favorite from last year’s roundup of amazing DIY kids costumes and hey, it never gets old. (Pun only slightly intended.)

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