As the holiday season gets kicking into high gear, we’re reminding ourselves to simplify as much as possible so that we can really enjoy the holidays with our families. That means cutting down the time we spend running — or clicking — from store to store to get everything we need. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Which is why we’re excited to welcome our newest sponsor The Container Store, who we happen to love. (Seriously, has anyone in history ever walked out of that store with only one thing? Exactly.)

They are far more than bins and organizational needs, if you weren’t aware; in fact, they have a ton of stunning gift wrap options for both Christmas and Hanukkah in what they call their Gift Wrap Wonderland. (Frankly, anything that makes wrapping easier for us is definitely a wonderland.) And while you’re getting all those papers and bows and trims knocked off your list, they actually have a huge range of affordable stocking stuffers, most in the $10-20 range.

So we’re helping you out with some of our own favorites to get you started with stocking stuffer ideas. Now, pour yourself an eggnog, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to add find things to do with extra free time to your to-do list.


10 stocking stuffer ideas under $20 for adults

Whether you’re filling the stocking of your significant other, your adult sibling, your own parents, or just want to give a special someone hints about what you’d like to receive, here are some ideas we think are pretty great. As in, yes, we’d like to receive all of them.

20 stocking stuffer ideas for adults under $20 all at The Container Store

1 TeaSpoon Tea Infuser ($17.99) In case the chocolate Santas put you over your caffeine intake for the day.

2 MicroPlus EX Hand Tool ($8.99) With nine tools in one, it’s a clever little toolbox hanging from your key ring.

3 SlapLit LED Band ($11.99) Shorter days means darker days, and this safety bracelet brightens up walks and runs.

4 Password Dictionary ($8.99) How great does it sound never to have to click “I forgot my password” again.

Travolo Easy-Fill Perfume Atomizer ($12.99) Even nicer if you fill it with a special scent.

Smartphone Stand ($14.99) Keep the tunes–or your latest binge-watch guilty pleasure–going, hands-free.

Portable Wine Glass ($11.99) What’s better than a wine glass? A portable wine glass.

Poppin Metallic Card Case ($5.99) Ooh, stylish!

Customizable Cookie Stamp ($14.99) Makes a favorite family cookie recipe even more special. Or, more irreverent. That’s your call.

10 Silicone Drink Cover ($7.99 for 2) Keeping hot drinks hot, even when it takes you 20 minutes to get to them. (Ah, parenting.)


10 stocking stuffer ideas under $20 for kids

No, you do not have to give your kids kitchen spice rack labels and drawer handles. In fact, there’s plenty at The Container Store that’s really perfect for kids, which is in part why ours don’t mind going with us when we’re over there. From younger kids to tweens, check out the fun ideas we found!

20 stocking stuffers under $20 for kids all at The Container Store

DIY Super Hero Kit ($9.99) What a cool little craft kit for kids at a great price.

2 Musical Moments Sound Machine ($7.99) Some kids should just have their own dramatic sound effects wherever they go.

Piperoid Robots ($15.99 each) Robots: perpetually cool.

4 Jumbo Juicy Scented Hi-Lighters ($7.99 for pack of 6) Sniffing markers takes on new meaning. A much better, safer meaning.

5 Spider and Monster Dental Floss ($3.99 each) Tether it to a pair of candy canes. Perfect!

cClean Portable Screen Cleaners ($5.99, package of 2) Dirty, sticky screens are just not cool and the tweens we know could use a little reminder.

7  DIY Creatibles Eraser Kit ($11.99) We love craft projects that keep creative kids busy while we tend to other holiday matters.g.

Wind-up Critters (from $14.99) So cool, we considered putting these in the adult category, too. Why not do both?

Looper Foam Gliders ($9.99, pack of 2) Great excuse to get the kids outside in the winter.

10 Winter Warmer Hand Warmer ($8.99): After sledding, a toasty hand warmer will be a joy.


The Container Store Gift Wrap Wonderland: One stop shopping for holiday gift wrap needs

Thanks so much to our sponsor The Container Store for making one-stop-gift wrap and stocking stuffer shopping an actual possibility for parents. You can visit them online or one of their 77 store locations around the country for lots to help you with the holidays.

And if you really want to really get into the holiday spirit, stop by one of The Container Store’s Wrap Parties (ha, get it?)  every weekend. November 7th – December 20th, at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. You’ll learn tips and tricks, see hands-on demonstrations from their gift-wrap experts, and enjoy cider, holiday treats and even giveaways like a Customizable Gift Wrap Organizer Kit. Search for your local The Container Store for all the info.

The Container Store's Holiday Hugs Program: Donate new toys, books, gift cards for kids and they'll deliver them to pediatric hospital wards this holiday. Wonderful.

Also, we are so grateful to The Container Store for their Holiday Hugs program, which donates toys and gifts to children who have to spend holidays in the hospital. Drop off off any unwrapped new books, small toys and games, gift cards, or stocking stuffers to any of their locations by December 15 and The Container Store will deliver them where they’re sure to make a lot of kids’ holidays brighter and more merry.