As a busy parent, I greatly appreciate the idea of a one-stop shop for, well…everything. But as a busy parent during the holidays, I really appreciate it. This is why we’ve all been huge CVS fans around here, and we’re so happy they’re our newest sponsor.

And yes, we’re all also fans of the gihugic money-saving cashback receipts. Laugh if you will; that’s free money right there!

So before my trip north for Thanksgiving this year, I made a quick stop with my girls to pick up a bunch of pre-Thanksgiving essentials that you might want to have on hand too, from the big brand stuff, to the smaller brands we love supporting, to the CVS Gold Emblem and CVS Brand, which always help us save money. Since it’s the closest drugstore and “Oh man, I’m out of toilet paper” store to our home, I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m in there two or more times a week and I really know the aisles by heart.


1. 100 count pack of Ibuprofen for getting through the holiday season with relatives.  200 count if they are staying with you. And that my friends, is where the prices of the CVS Brand products comes in handy.

2. Bandages, for the new shoes you had the brilliant idea to wear for the first time the day you’re on your feet for 8 hours straight, entertaining.

3. 12-pack of snack bars, since you’ll be so busy getting everyone else’s food ready. I personally like everything from Kind Snacks and especially their Healthy Grains Caramel Macchiato bars because they have little caffeine — which parents can use over the holidays any chance they get.


10 last-minute essentials you can find at CVS: Lots of hairbands! Lots.

4. The huge pack of hairbands, to keep my daughter’s hair out of her face, just once, for all the family photos then you can take it right down again, please please please?

5. Max Strength acne-treatment cream, because of course you’re going to have that zit for all the family photos.

6. Concealer, because come to think of it, it’s probably too late for zit cream.

7. Tampons, which explain the darn zit.


10 last-minute essentials you can find at CVS: Elf on the Shelf. Okay, not that one.

8. Last minute toys for the kids. My kids are obsessed with the toy aisle, also known as the Children’s Crack Aisle. Tons of fun little gifts you can grab for the 8 zillion kids coming through your house. Also, Beanie Boos!


10 last-minute essentials you can find at CVS: Tons of hand sanitizer

9. Hand sanitizer because, 8 zillion kids. Another place where the CVS Brand is a huge lifesaver.

10. Toilet paper. And flushable wipes. And some more toilet paper. And some more flushable wipes. You just can’t ever have too much of either of those. (See also: 8 zillion kids.)


10 last-minute holiday essentials you can get at CVS: Gas relief. No explanation needed.

11. And this. For you know, relatives. And pie. 

Thanks to our sponsor CVS for making it so easy to get everything we need (and then some) for the holidays. Check out their Gold Emblem, Gold Emblem abound, and Total Home product lines at your local store, along with their CVS/pharmacy Brand line, which comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a 30-day money back guarantee. Not that I’ve ever taken anything back. Can you tell we love CVS? 

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