Wintery white snowy days are coming whether we are ready for them or not. This year I am going to try to be prepared with updated snow gear for the kids that fits and is comfortable, encouraging longer outdoor playtime. So lucky us, we just discovered Mittyz mittens, a really different new kind of mittens for kids with some smart features designed to keep them on.

Not that your kids will want to take them off.

Mittyz (also available at Amazon right now at a good discount) are made to slip on hands easily — even over those bulky Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man coat sleeves — and to stay on, thanks to an adjustable strap around the wrist plus a pull-tight cord up by the elbows. The water resistant fabric and fleece lining will keep kids dry and warm. And if trying to wiggle little thumbs into gloves frustrates you as much as it does me, you will be happy to know these mittens are thumbless, a.k.a. one less annoying ordeal in the please get dressed for the snow outside and not summer routine.

Plus there are other features that let you know a parent designed these, like soft fabric “for nose wiping” (if we’re honest with ourselves, you  know that’s a good thing); and they flip inside out so you can dry them easily.


Mittyz makes really fun mittens that kids will actually want to keep on


Now at first glance, I admit the gloves look like a little much. But when you get down to it and you are going to be out in the freezing weather or playing in the snow with a very little one, the full coverage is pretty fantastic, and the fact they really stay on will make a whole lot of parents happy.


Mittyz boy tiger mittens

Miityz girl blue snowflake mittens



At $39.95 you definitely don’t want your kids losing these. But if you live in a snow zone like we do, or hit the slopes all winter long, I’d say they’re definitely worth a look. Besides, your kids will adore the five fun designs. Those tiger paws and monsters are pretty darn cute. Then there’s that one pattern that reminds my girls of a certain popular animated  ice queen.

You can find Mittyz mittens, for kids in sizes 12mo – 5T online at Veyokids. use code WINTERISHER for 25% off for a limited time; and also find them for 25% off our affiliate Amazon with free prime shipping.


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