Do you know how hard it is to find good free Hanukkah coloring pages for kids? Like, really hard. Who knew that tracking 8 of them¬†down would be another Hanukkah miracle! I searched¬†a long time to find¬†what I think are some¬†of the best Hanukkah coloring pages on the web, wanting them to be artful, nicely illustrated, not uploaded to¬†virus-laden sites (oy) , and that don’t require you to watch 16 ads before having the ability to download. Tall order, but,¬†I’ve found 8 great free options.

Or, one for each night.

(Above: Adult Hanukkah Mandala by Emerlye Arts, sadly no longer available)

Best of all, some of them are from real illustrators who we’re happy to support in exchange for their beautiful work they offer up for free for our kids. Or hey — even for you. Coloring books for adults is a thing and we think each of these Hanukkah printables¬†fit right in, just in time for the first night this year on December 5.

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Beautiful star of david Hanukkah coloring page by Emerlye Arts

Printable Star of David adult Hanukkah mandala coloring page by artist Cynthia Emerlye. (A sad update: The artist died in 2017, though her family is preserving lots of her work through the Emerlye Arts website)


Printable Hanukkah coloring pages: Cool diamond Star of David mandala

Diamond hexagonal Hanukkah mandala coloring page¬†at Don’t Eat the Paste is perfect for older kids or even adults.

Free Hanukkah printable coloring pages: Jersusalem by Ann Koffsky

Printable Jerusalem coloring page by artist Ann Koffsky, who offers lots of other coloring pages and craft ideas for Jewish holidays all year.




Printable Hanukkah coloring pages: Star of David Mandala

Geometric Star of David mandala printable coloring page¬†is a nice intro to mandalas for kids who aren’t into super fine tipped pens just yet.


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Advanced Star of David printable Hanukkah coloring page for adults or older kids

Advanced Star of David printable Hanukkah coloring page at Doodle Art Alley is a funky take on a Star of David.

Free printable Hanukkah dreidel coloring page

This Spinning dreidel printable Hanukkah coloring page¬†by Ann Koffsky may be the most fun Hanukkah¬†coloring page I’ve seen featuring dreidels — each one is designed to look like the Hebrew letters that adorn them.


Hanukkah House printable coloring page for kids

Hanukkah houses printable coloring page via is a really love illustration. My kids would love embellishing it with their own people, and pets in the windows and doorways.


Free printable Hanukkah menorah coloring page by Elizabeth Dulemba

Printable menorah Hanukkah coloring page by Elizabeth Dulemba is a nice option for a more basic project for younger kids. The candles are wide enough for kids to make each one as crazy as they want.

Star of David printable Hanukkah Mandala Coloring Set from Emberlye Arts on Etsy

We have to include the gorgeous Star of David adult mandala coloring page set that was formerly available from Emerlye Arts. If you contact her family members who are maintaining her site, perhaps they’ll have a way for you to purchase the book that this was a part of.