Based on what you’d see in pretty much every text message on my phone right now, it’s clear that emojis aren’t just for kids. Yes, I might have even used one in an email the other day. I know I’m not alone in the grown-up emoji-lover camp, which is why I had a blast rounding up all these fun emoji gifts. Sure, kids would love them, well, most of them that is, but I’ve got a few of them on my wish list too.

Here, a bunch of emoji gifts in every price range — yes even DIY — that would make fabulous holiday gifts.

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Emjoi hat | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji hat

One size fits most, which means get a bunch so no fighting. ($14.95 at Paper Source)


Emoji Boomf Marshmallows | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji Boomf Marshmallows

What more needs to be said about edible emoji, except who’s going to brave the poop one? ($25 at Boomf)

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Zara Terez emoji backpack | EMOJI Gifts

Zara Terez emoji backpack

These cool, sturdy neoprene emoji backpacks we bought for back to school are still going strong at our house, even with tons of 6th-grade workbooks and homework assignments, but I bet they’d fit a laptop or iPad too, grown-ups. ($85 at Zara Terez)
Kate Spade emoji pendant | EMOJI Gifts

Kate Spade emoji pendant

A regular old heart necklace just won’t do. We’re heart-eye loving all of the emoji necklaces by Kate Spade this year that have a bit more of a sophisticated touch. ($58 at Shopbop)


Custom emoji handdrawn card set | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji card set

High tech goes low tech with these hand drawn note cards. Considering how much one emoji says, they’re really perfect for every card-giving occasion, whether it’s sharing surprising news or commiserating over a crappy day. ($15/3 at Sylvie Ceres)


Emoji needlepoint | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji pillow needlepoint kit

For you crafty emoji lovers, this emoji needlepoint kit is fantastic. ($22.66+ at Hermit Crab Stitchery)


Emoji Leggings | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji Leggings

Do these emoji make my butt look smaller? ($16.99 at Modcloth)


DIY Holiday gifts: Emoji cross-stitch kit

DIY emoji cross-stitch kit

Everything you need to make this cute gift, whether you’re wanting to DIY, or give it to a crafty friend. ($15 at JimJam Crafts)


Emoji iPhone case | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji iPhone case

Considering emojis are already all over the front of their phone, it only seems natural they’re on the back too. ($35 at Nordstrom)

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Emoji socks | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji socks

Wear your emoji heart on your feet. ($15, Living Royal)


Shoulder bag | EMOJI Gifts

Emoji cross body bag

We know a few little girls on our holiday shopping list who will be getting these. Maybe big girls too. ($12.99 at H&M)


DIY emoji cookies | EMOJI Gifts

DIY emoji cookies

Here’s a fun, quick way to make-your-own emoji cookies, no baking required. (Tutorial at Baked Ideas)