I’m on the lookout for some cute small gifts to give out to some of the people I love, or even for my girls to give to their own BFFs. And then I came across the collection of awesome eco-friendly, recycled brown kraft paper journals from Journaling Jane on Etsy and I was like, yup. That’s what I need.

I love the artist’s mission to get people back to handwriting — as you can tell from journals with sayings like Write Your Thoughts Here and Not on Facebook — and she has hundreds of ways to do that.

You can just give the blank book as a gift in itself with your choice of paper inside, or fill out a journal like 40 Reasons Why You’re My Best Friend with one reason on each page, for a really thoughtful and totally easy semi-homemade DIY gift. She’ll even do a custom notebook if you’d like.

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Best friend journals from journaling Jane

"Friendship is weird" best friend journal from journaling Jane

Affordable best friend gift: Kraft paper journals from Journaling Jane

40 reasons you're my best friend journal | Affordable, semi-homemade DIY gift for a BFF

More than friends journal: Love this as a BFF gift!

Write your thoughts here and not Facebook journal | getting people back to handwriting

365 memories to make in 2016: Cool journal gift for a partner or best friend

And then, there’s this one.

Reasons to be a unicorn journal | awesome little gift for $6!

There are tons of ideas to choose from, including ones specifically for parents, boyfriends, teachers, high school kids and even loved ones in the military.

Although my favorites are definitely the friendship themes, like the Realistic Best Friend Contract journal. And while you can’t put a price on friendship, the journals themselves start at just around $10 for 30-40 pages. Nice.

Order your handmade journal at Journaling Jane