We’ve been super frustrated with the lack of Star Wars toys for kids featuring Rey. Not just because she’s a woman, and all of our kids — male and female — love her, but uh…she’s the hero. How the heck do you make a Star Wars Monopoly set or a Star Wars 6-piece Action Figure set “with all your favorite characters” but not the main character of the entire movie?

above LEGO Force Awakens Rey and BB-8 art photograph | Holtzman Customs

Even JJ Abrams doesn’t get it.

We discussed the issue on this week’s Spawned Show: Where is Rey? — especially Mike Adamick’s great post about the missing Rey figure and why Rey is not a hero for little girls.

I talked about finding my daughter one of the few LEGO Rey sets still available before Christmas, and Kristen pointed out that the fact they were being scalped on Amazon by third-party sellers at insane prices should be a cue to the toy manufacturers that there is in fact a market for Rey — if not all female action figures.

In the course of the conversation, we came up with the idea to search out cool Star Wars Rey toys and gifts, both from the big manufacturers and smaller fan art creators, and list them here. So that’s just what we did.

Take a listen to the spawned show — just click this link to go to iTunes or Soundcloud, or you can listen directly right below. Then  check out all the cool Rey toys, artwork and clothing for your kids out there. (As in, just the cool ones; not the crappy ones where her face looks creepy, even if they’re officially licensed, blah blah blah.)

Because our kids could have far worse role models then a butt-kicking, Speeder-riding, spacecraft-commandeering, force-wielding good guy who just happens to be a gal.

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Rey Star Wars LEGO Speeder Set: Our kids love it!

Rey’s Speeder LEGO set | Target

My daughter’s still playing with it two weeks later. Good sign. It’s actually a fun little set, and you know kids — when she’s done battling the First Order, she’ll move onto other minifigs in our collection, like Smeagol and the dude with the octopus over his head.


Handmade Rey and Finn plush felt dolls on Etsy

Rey and Finn handmade plush dolls | Flighty Dolls

This Etsy shop is packed with wonderful handmade fan art geekery including these, which happen to be great together.


Printable zentangle Rey Speeder coloring page from DJ Penscript on Etsy

Printable Star Wars Force Awakens coloring pages | DJ Penscript

Our readers went nuts for these awesome printable zentangle coloring pages we found last week, featuring Rey on her Speeder, BB-8, and your favorite droids and “junker” spacecraft. Sales are helping the artist pay for college.

Rey and BB-8 Star Wars Force Awakens original photographic art print using LEGO figures

LEGO Force Awakens Rey and BB-8 art photograph | Holtzman Customs

We are flipping out over this photographic art print — the kids’ room? Or ours? We think maybe she’s headed off to scavenge for more cool Rey toys, but who knows.




Cool Star Wars Rey Toys: Disney Infinity Force Awakens add-on play set featuring Rey and Finn

Disney Infinity Star Wars 3.0 The Force Awakens Play Set | Amazon

You do need the Disney Infinity Starter Set (Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano) to get going, but when you do, add in this set which includes the Rey and Finn figures and a Web Code Card to bring them into the action.


Rey Star Wars Minifig Necklace from Bricks Rock

Star Wars Rey and BB-8 Minifig earrings set from Bricks Rock. Our girls are dying for this!

Rey and BB-8 LEGO Minifig earrings or necklace | Bricks Rock

Our girls are dying for these!  We can’t entirely blame them.

Star Wars Rey toys: The new LEGO construction figure

Buildable Star Wars Rey LEGO construction figure | Amazon

Now that’s a Rey.


Cool Star Wars Rei toys and gifts: DIY Rei amigurumi doll crochet pattern on Etsy

DIY Rei doll crochet pattern | Bunnies and Yarn

If you’re a DIY-er, we know a lot of kids who would love this palm-sized, soft version of Rey in their rooms or dangling from their backpacks.


Handmade Rey doll from upcycled Bratz doll

Star Wars Rey doll made from upcycled Barbie Doll!

Rey doll made from an upcycled Barbie  or upcycled Bratz doll | Padmala Shop

Taking a pretty transparent page from the genius artist behind TreeChange Dolls, which repurposes old Bratz dolls into something more…aspirational, we found an artist doing the same for everyone’s favorite Star Wars Episode VII heroine.


Cool Star Wars Rey toys and gifts: Rey and BB=8 8-bit cross stitch pattern. Fun DIY wall art!

8 bit Rey and BB8 cross stitch pattern | Cat Lady Cross Stitch

If you’re a DIY-er, this cool 8-bit style pattern will make some nifty wall art. For a baby’s nursery perha


Star Wars Rey felt dress-up doll on Etsy

Star Wars inspired Rey felt dress-up doll | Queens Flamingo

Not all kids need 3-D action figures to spur their imagination. We know a few kids who would really dig this little Rey.


Star Wars Rey Force Awakens inspired t-shirt on Etsy

Star Wars Force Awakens Rey inspired kids’ or adults t-shirt | Abrupt Design

Just Rey. That’s it. Yes.


Star Wars Rey and BB-8 Force Awakens artwork

BB-8 and Rey watercolor artwork | Genefy Prints

The official version of this is a little…meh for us. We like this fan interpretation and while yes it’s computer generated, it’s evocative and pretty cool.


Star Wars Rey girls' skirt on Etsy's Blossom Boutique

Star Wars Rey skirt | Blossom Boutique

My girls would flip for this skirt made from the official licensed Fabric by a smart Etsy seller. You can also find all kinds of fun Star Wars Rey fabric and make something yourself if you’re crafty.



Cool Rey Star Wars toys and gifts: Star Wars speeder study with Anakin, Luke and Rey

Star Wars speeder study | Herofied

I really love how we see the evolution of heroes and their Speeders, into which Rey fits right in perfectly.


Handmade Star Wars Rey bookmark on Etsy. Love her!

Star Wars Rey printable bookmark | Big Nerd Wolf

Just laminate her and she’s protected from First Order jerks and accidental falls from the top of your child’s bunk bed.


Cool Rey Star Wars toys and gifts: Amazing, professional Rey cosplay outfit

Rey cosplay outfit | The Modest Maiden

This is the big, big, big purchase of the bunch, but it could be worth it if you’re already thinking ComicCon or Halloween 2016. Since the “official” Rey outfits are pretty junky, we’re smitten over this carefully handmade work of art. Commission one in a kid’s size for a really special gift.


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