Supporting amazing artists and designers we find¬†at cool, yet undiscovered¬†indie shops we find¬†is so important to us — in fact, it’s why Kristen and Liz started Cool Mom Picks in the first place. So when we find¬†a shop like Small Apparel, we can’t wait to share them with you all.

This tiny, family-run business currently makes very cool tees and onesies for kids with positive, inspiring designs and messages. However, their profit margins are super slim. So going forward, if their Kickstarter campaign is successful, their goal is to start donating 25% of all their sales to support kid-related non-profits related to the designs, without raising prices for customers.

That’s a hugely¬†generous donation for a small business,¬†and a great mission, if I do say so.

What I really like is that¬†the¬†shirts are the kinds¬†I’d be buying for my kids¬†even before I knew the money was going to such fantastic use.


Great minds think for themselves: Kids' tees at Small Apparel supporting kid-related charities

LEGO inspired MAKE tee at Small Apparel

Helvetica shirt for kids featuring favorite children's authors at Small Apparel

Love Won and other shirts for kids celebrating the diversity of families at Small Apparel


I’m having a hard time picking a¬†favorite. There are lots of designs supporting the diversity of families like the sweet¬†Love won¬†sweatshirt, tees and onesies.¬†My kids are geeking out over their Yoda tees¬†and other clever Star Wars inspired designs. Of course, I¬†love the¬†smart Great Minds Think for Themselves tee.

And then, clearly the most popular on the site, is is the Helvetica tee supporting children’s literacy, featuring the names¬†Potter & Rey & Seuss & Brown & Willems¬†–quite a few of my kids’ favorite authors right there.

So you can go ahead and just buy any of the shirts at their shop right now, or  donate to the Kickstarter campaign. $20 gets you a tote of your choice; $25 gets you a onesie, tee or tank (just a fraction more than the current retail price); $30 earns you a tee of your choice as a reward; $75 and up has all sorts of awesome stuff including original artwork of your favorite designs.

Hey, pledge $1000 and you can even name the next kid-friendly non-profit charity for them to work with. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Support the mission of this cool little company at the¬†Small Apparel Kickstarter page¬†and find their existing¬†tees for kid at the Small Apparel.¬†Just know if you’re pledging through Kickstarter, items ship in June so order a size up for your kids. And good luck, Small Apparel!¬†

We’re sorry, but this shop has closed.