Okay so December was a balmy 70 in New York City but how quickly things change. Now that we’ve gone from tropics¬†to tundra, I’m pulling out the puffer coats, earmuffs, and winter boots so I can make it through¬†those surprise knee-deep puddles that disguise themselves as a little harmless slush .

With that, here are three of my favorite, tried-and-tested winter boot styles that I love because they’re all waterproof, toasty warm, relatively affordable, and guaranteed to last for many frigid moons.

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3 top women's boots for winter from Sorel, Kamik, Santana Canada

  1. Sturdy and stylish: Sorel Tofino Winter Boot

I am still absolutely in love with these boots, and even picked them as my cool pick of the week on last week’s Spawned podcast, since the price has recently fallen like the temperature. ¬†As I said before, they’re¬†stylish¬†enough to wear to a meeting on a snowy day, but not so fancy that I look overdressed dropping the kids at school wearing a double pair of leggings, a sweatshirt and no makeup.

I really like how sturdy and rugged the soles are to keep me (hopefully) on my feet. And can we talk waterproof? I trudged around that wicked Jonas Blizzard in them this past week, and my toes stayed nice and warm while my socks¬†remained¬†bone dry. ¬†Just know that that rubber sole means the boot doesn’t breathe, so if you think you are going to get water in your boots at some point, a sock liner will¬†help. ($129 on sale, Lord & Taylor )


2. Tall and comfy: Kamik Porto Winter Boot

If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, I’m¬†happy to find an option that’s comparable to the Tofino in a lot of ways. Kamik recently asked me to try out a pair of their Porto boots and I admit I was a bit skeptical — I’ve liked their shoes a lot for my kids but have never been a huge fan¬†of their adult styles. However the Porto is pretty impressive, with the same faux fur lining that makes it a wee more fashionable than most, and the excellent waterproof uppers.

Because the fabric extends all the way to the heels — unlike the Porto which has more of a rigid duck boot style at the foot — it’s a little more comfy in a way, if you prefer a squishier boot. It’s also a bit taller, if you’ve got higher snow drifts (or snowier ski slopes) to grapple with. However style-wise, I don’t think it’s quite up to what Sorel offers, in part because it’s a bit less structured and shapely,¬†but of course that’s a matter of opinion. However I know a lot of women for whom this would be a perfect choice for their own style.

Another option might be to go with the light gray Porto with black contrast accents, which is rather on trend right now. ($101.50 on sale, Nordstrom)


3. Trendy and tough: Santana Canada Monteaux Waterproof Winter Boot

I have admittedly not tried these myselves, but I have tried them on and oof — they are sweet. I love that fashionable Vans-style thick skater sole which gives them a more fashion-forward edge without looking prissy or too fussy. And¬†the plush, white, faux fur lining contrasts so beautifully with the black boot. The rating isn’t for quite as frigid temperatures as¬†my other two picks — the Monteaux are rated to¬†-4¬įF, compared with¬†-25¬įF for the Sorels, should you live in Quebec, like the makers of the boots¬†— and the shaft is a bit lower at 11″. So these might not be my go-to snow boots for¬†when it’s really coming down. But for a stylish, day-to-day cold weather boot that would look great with skinny jeans or thick leggings? They’re definitely on my covet list. ($228.95, Nordstrom)

I’d just advise¬†that no matter which you go for, order a half-size up. I’m a pretty solid 6.5 and the size 7’s always seem to do me right, especially when you’re wearing thicker socks and tucking your pant legs into the boots.