When I first got wind of¬†Snoots sneaker-boots¬†(get it? Snoots?) from Stride Rite, I first thought I didn’t really need them. After all, I live down south¬†and we don’t tend to think of daily walks to school in the snow as a¬†kids’ wardrobe issue¬†that needs addressing. Then this year’s snowpocalypse hit. ¬†All my kids wanted to do is get outside and play in the snow.

So now I’m happy to have a smart winter boot options for kids that will be useful to us whether or not we get a lot of snow again.

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Snoots¬†slip-on sneakers have a fleece-lined boot top that goes to about mid-calf, and the whole shoe is water-repellent, though not waterproof. They really are easy to get on — we tried out a pair and my 5-year-old did it himself —¬†and they’re nice and warm. Maybe not Jonas-level warm, but warm enough for the average kid¬†who wants to stay out and play for a while. Plus, they give him¬†the comfort and agility he likes¬†from¬†sneakers so he¬†can really run around, even in all that warm gear.

On snow-free¬†days that are still cold, you can even roll the top down for a cozy, fleece-lined shoe¬†that isn’t¬†as constricting as a traditional boot, which makes them overall a great, affordable¬†choice for those of us living south of Fargo.

Snoots sneaker-boots for kids are so smart! The comfort + agility of a Stride-Rite sneakers, meets the upper of a comfy boot.

Admittedly, I’d prefer¬†truly waterproof boots if I lived up north, or would at least consider these a second pair, in addition to something more traditional. But down south, our new sneaker-boots are working just fine to give my kids good grip while they’re running¬†— and I’m yelling, Walk, please!¬†¬†— on icy¬†sidewalks or just climbing up and down the sledding hill.


You can find Snoots sneaker-boots in baby and toddler/little kid sizes up to 13.5 at Stride-Rite stores, or at our affiliate Amazon. They have licensed characters from Star Wars and Frozen as well as solid colors, which our kids actually preferred. Go figure. Thanks to the company for sending CMP a pair for consideration.