January is tough on my but by February I tend to hit the doldrums. Yes, it’s actually light until (nearly) 5:20 so that’s in the plus column, but I start to feel like everything around me is gray, including the remaining snow piles on the sidewalks in New York. So I checked out the members sale at the MoMA store right now and the thing that struck me most were the increasing collection of beautiful rainbow housewares.

The best part is that if you’re a member like I am, everything is 20% off right now. And if you’re not a member? Well it could be a good time to join; even if you’ll visit only once¬†this year. Individual memberships start at just $85 and it’s¬†not only tax deductible (mostly), but when you add in the savings from¬†gifts — and I can buy plenty here, all year round — I find it pays for itself easily.


1 Set of 6 Vignelli rainbow mugs ($60; $48 for members)

2 Claude Dozorme 12-piece rainbow knife set ($335; $268 for members)

3  Set of 4 Acrylic rainbow dot coasters ($24; $20 for members)



Rainbow housewares to brighten your winter | CoolMomPicks.com


4 The present clock ($200; $160 for members)

5 Set of 6 rainbow glass tumblers ($40/6;  $32 for members)

6 Rainbow cocktail napkin set ($20; $16 for members)

7 Wooden rainbow chopsticks ($35; $28 for members)

Shop the MoMA design store where members get an additional20% off retail prices through Monday, February 8. Hurry!