At least speaking for Kristen and myself, we certainly been through every stage of Valentine’s Day at various times in our life — denial, anger, depression, acceptance. If you fall into any of the first three categories, we feel you. So for those of you Valentine’s Day haters risking eyestrain with all the eyerolls this week, these are just for you: Bitter Mugs.

They go perfect with black coffee, a Netflix marathon, and schadenfreude.

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Bitter coffee mugs, for those who think February 15 can't come fast enough

Found at Fairgoods, each purchase will fill your heart with not only a sort of bitter glee of knowing your feelings have been recognized in handy mug quote form; but actual joy in that every purchase helps the Calgary Food Bank provide $5 worth of food to people in need. (Which kind of keeps things in perspective, too.)

If these speak to you, buy away. But however you feel about a day celebrating coupledom when you’re single or going through a rough patch in a relationship, we just want to say that we bet you’re pretty awesome.

Plus, it will all be over by the 15th. Which is also the day that all the candy goes on sale.

Find the Bitter Mugs and other cool gifts online at Fairgoods. They won’t make Valentine’s Day delivery, but we think a few are relevant year round.