Each year I have the best time scouring the web for the funniest Valentine’s Cards. I was just never a fan of those long, poetic prefab cards written in wedding script. I guess if I have something sentimental to say I’ll say it myself. As for my cards? Give me the funny, please. So whether you like the self-deprecating Valentine’s Cards that make fun of your standing Friday night date with Netflix, or the slightly racy cards that imply…well, that there might be a little more to your evening than passing out at 8:45 surrounded by a box of half-eaten truffles with bite marks through all of them, I hope these funny Valentine’s Cards are perfect for those of you lucky enough to have a sweetheart in your life who makes you laugh every day.

Oh, and no weird poop emoji or “thanks for loving me for my farts” type cards. But wow, there are a lot of them out there. Sorry, but thinking about your least attractive bodily functions may make us laugh, but it definitely does not put us in the mood.

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Funny Valentine's Cards: You're the only personal I tolerate before coffee

Before Coffee card | Sea and Lake

 ‘Til decaf do us part.

Funny Valentine's Cards: The definition of Bae
Bae definition Valentine’s card | Row House 14

Okay, so it’s nice when you finally make it to the trigger-vomit-in-other-people stage of romance.

Funny Taylor Swift Valentine's Card

Funny Taylor Swift Valentine’s Card | Teeny Weenie Paper

Two weeks. That’s like 100 in pop star years.

Funny gamer Valentine's Day Card

Pause my game card  | Classy Cards Creative

You know what I’m talking about, oh Candy Crush/Shooty Skies/Madden Football fans

Funny Valentine's Cards: The best

Hey Girl Jabba the Hutt Valentine’s card | Meet me in Shermer

He’s no Ryan Reynolds, but you know. Neither are any of us.

Funny Valentine's Day card for all the single ladies | Emily McDowell

Single on Valentine’s Day | Emily McDowell

Straight from the Silver Linings Playbook.

Funny Valentine's Cards: 99 problems

99 problems Jay Z Valentine’s Card | Nocturnal Paper

This cleaned-up lyric might go over a little better with most ladies on Valentine’s Day. Just a guess.

Funny Valentine's Cards: Thanks for loving me even though I don't shave my legs as often as you might like

Shave my legs card  | Knotty Cards

Or you know…other body parts. What? It’s winter?

You're my significant otter card: Funny Valentine's Cards

Significant otter card | Turtles Soup

Eh, we can never resist a good pun.

You were worth the hangover: Funny Valentine's Cards

Worth the hangover | Nocturnal Paper

Everyone has a different first date story. No judgments.

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Funny Valentine's Card: Betty White in a Golden Girls - Bachelor mash-up!

Betty White Rose card | Seas and Peas

It just sounds so much better than, “Will you accept this Blanche?”

Funny Valentine's Day Cards: The most beautiful zombie apocalypse sentiment we've seen. Sniff.

Bloody zombie head Valentine’s card | The Detroit Card Co

Easily the most beautiful of all the Zombie Apocalypse Valentine’s Cards we’ve seen. Sniff. Now that’s love.

Funny Valentine's Cards: They said it wouldn't last. Jerks. | Emily McDowell

They Said It Wouldn’t Last funny Valentine’s card | Emily McDowell

The card you kind of want to make photocopies of and secretly slip under your inlaws’ front door.

Funny Valentine's Cards: Happy day before Half-Priced Candy Day!

Half price candy card  | Wit & Wander

Is there a more perfect card for a single BFF?

Funny Valentine's Cards: Milton's Red Stapler from Office Space

Milton’s Red Stapler Office Space Card  | Debbie Draws Funny

We might suggest getting the image of him out of your head that night.

Funny Valentine's Cards: The anti-beard hipster card

Hipster beard card  | The Painted Kitchen

We love that all the cards at this shop come with related recipes. In this case: Craft Beer Bacon Mac & Cheese, and an Old Fashion. Perfect hipster Valentine’s dinner planning, done.

Funny Valentine's cards: I love you even though loading the dishwasher is apparently the most difficult thing in the entire world.

Loading the dishwasher card  | Knotty Cards

Would it be wrong to give this to our kids? Like, every day of the week?

Funny Valentine's Card for the tech generation

Low Battery Card  | Classy Cards Creative

Your true love will always carry a spare charging cord.

Funny Valentine's card for grammar nerds. Love this!

Their They’re There card | Bettie Confetti

Now this is the card after my own heart! Even if there’s no period after the sentence. I’ll chalk it up to artistic license. Now can we do one for your/you’re/ur?

Funny Valentine's Cards: The Weeknd + I can't feel my face

can’t feel my face card | Nocturnal Paper

Everybody’s working for the Weeknd.

Funny Valentine's Cards: On fleek | Emily McDowell

On Fleek Valentine’s Card | Emily McDowell

It’s okay, we all had to look it up at some point.

Funny Valentine's Card. Because it's true

Not calling card |  Sad Shop

Perfect for first-year Valentines…or maybe parents.

Funny Valentine's Cards: Ron Swanson + You had me at meat tornado

You had me at Meat Tornado Ron Swanson card  | Meet Me in Shermer

It just wouldn’t be a Cool Mom Picks funniest Valentine’s Day card roundup without old Ron.

Funny Valentine's Cards: Let's be totally awkward together

Let’s be totally awkward together  | Rowhouse 14

Those of you considering Battlestar Galactica themed weddings or having your anniversary at the Renaissance Faire? This one’s for you!

Funny Valentine's Cards: Sloth from Goonies!

Funny Valentine’s Day Goonies card  | Seas and Peas

Gee mister, you’re even hungrier for love than I am.

Funny Star Wars Valentine's Card

Darth Vader Can’t Breathe Valentine’s Card | avEHdesigns

It must be love; send roses and a rescue inhaler.

Funny Valentine's Cards: I've fallen for you and I can't get up!

I’ve fallen for you  | Diamond Donatello

How, we love this. Now we just need a Clapper card.


Funny Valentine's cards: Buy me donuts

Valentine’s Donuts Card | Knotty Cards

If you liked it then you shoulda put a glazed chocolate cruller on it.

Funny Valentine's cards: Let's be boring together

Let’s be boring together funny Valentine’s card  | Sea and Lake

We blame Netflix.

Hilarious Steve Harvey Valentine's Card

Funny Steve Harvey Valentine’s Card | Teeny Weenie Paper


Funny Valentine's Cards: Parody of SNL's d*ck in a box sketch. Genius!

The Lonely Island D*ck in a Box Valentine’s card |  Seas and Peas

Not gonna get you a fancy car
Girl ya gotta know you’re my shining star
Not gonna get you a house in the hills
A girl like you needs somethin’ real