Thanks to my mom, who put me in sewing camp when I was a kid (for real), I know a little bit about patterns, pleats and patchwork. While sewing doesn’t evoke some kind of longing for the carefree days of my youth, I do get pretty sentimental over making something sweet for my babies. And I find the easiest thing to sew, even for the craft-challenged, is a baby blanket.

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Check out these adorable DIY baby blanket kits from Itty Bitty Handmade. These beautiful quilt kits make it so easy (promise, I tried it myself!) to handcraft a keepsake for your baby, or a special gift for someone else’s. Plus I love that each kit donates $2 to Quilts for Kids, a non-profit organization that gifts handmade patchwork quilts to children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse.

Each kit comes complete with everything you’ll need except the sewing machine. The instructions are a cinch, and everything’s pre-cut to the right size, so you don’t have to make a mess with fabric scraps — or risk ruining your project because you can’t cut a straight line to save your life. Which is most of us, I’d imagine.

From start to finish the project will likely take you just a couple of hours. Their instructions say 4-6 hours; though it took me about 2 (plus the 8 hours you have to wait for the glue to dry). The baby naps, and the blanket is made!

I especially love that Itty Bitty Handmade includes a personalized tag, so your child knows you made it just for them.

Crafty parents will love these cool, modern DIY baby blanket kits from Itty Bitty Handmade.

DIY baby blanket kits with a stylish, modern vibe from Itty Bitty Handmade

Cool modern baby blankets you make yourself, from Itty Bitty Handmade.

Now this kit is definitely not for everyone. As one of our editors, Christina, said, “It’s $80, and I have to make it myself!?” If your happy place isn’t found in the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine or the aisles of a yarn store, skip this one.  But if you enjoy sewing, especially when all the annoying detail work is done for you, you might heart Itty Bitty Handmade as much as I do.

You can find 10 different DIY baby blanket kits at Itty Bitty Handmade’s website, plus video tutorials and tips for making your quilt.