While I’m not big on fake flowers (sorry fake flower fans!) I am big on real flowers, especially when they’re used in a way as gorgeous as the modern, made-to-order resin floral jewelry spotted at Modern Flower Child on Etsy. Each piece from this Oregon artist is entirely one-of-a-kind, as Sarah incorporates real flowers, grasses, and bits of foliage into resin to beautiful effect.

It’s funny but from that description alone, I wouldn’t think I would like them. Then I take a look at the result and actually I think they’re quite stunning. That birch bark bangle is just awesome. Or if you’re crushing on the Pantone colors of the year, the pink flower and silver-blue foliage bracelet is an affordable way to bring both into your wardrobe.


Modern resin bracelets from real flowers and foliage, at Modern Flower Child on Etsy

Browse around and I bet there’s some color or textural combo that speaks to you. What a lovely gift for yourself, especially if you didn’t get the flowers you were hoping for today — or, if like me, you’re simply feeling that spring can’t come soon enough.

Find beautiful, made-to-order floral resin bracelets and jewelry at Modern Flower Child on Etsy.

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