Since Cool Mom Picks started a decade ago, we’ve made it our mission to¬†find small, independent stores¬†that sell¬†unique, eco-friendly, hard-to-find toys for your kids so that all you have to do is scroll and shop. My¬†newest favorite,¬†Oh! Toys,¬†goes to great lengths (or maybe I should say great distances) to find beautifully made toys that encourage¬†open-ended play.¬†Just think of the airfare they’ve saved you!

Here are just a few of the really special, creative gifts there that you simply aren’t going to find at your local mall or big toy store chain.

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KORXX cork blocks | Oh! Toys

One of my favorite finds¬†is¬†the gorgeous KORXX building blocks from Germany. As the name suggests, these brilliantly¬†hued blocks are made from eco-friendly cork that is both sturdy and fun to stack, but hurts a whole lot less when your¬†toddler throws it at someone’s head (gah!). Plus, when the structure they built up comes tumbling down, you’ll appreciate how quiet cork can be.


Nanodont Elephant wooden toy | Oh! Toys

These¬†wooden animals from Spain —¬†Nanodonts¬†(shown above and at top) and the larger Mastodonts¬†—¬†are a sweet addition to any nursery, plus the art becomes a toy once your child is old enough to take apart and put together the magnetic puzzle.


Pyrum Design Blocks | Oh! Toys

By combining geometry with design, Sina Spielzeug’s Pyrom Design Blocks, which include 40 blocks based on a rhombic dodecahedron (do-dec-a-WHAT?), can entice¬†even the wee little ones¬†to manipulate the blocks into some pretty awesome-looking geometric sculptures.¬†And for building blocks that inspire¬†unique structures, I¬†love Il Leccio of Milan’s European Maple interlocking Totem 24 and Gropius wooden blocks.


Trommus drums | Oh! Toys


Kids want to bang on the drum all day? Check out the super-strong but lightweight Trommus Drums from Denmark. Kids can play them with their hands or with padded drum sticks; they can even turn the drums on their sides to sit while they bang away.

Visit Oh! Toys to discover even more unique and hard-to-find toys from Europe and Asia.