My kids come downstairs with mismatched socks all the time, but I learned to let it go long ago. Who needs to match, when wearing stripes and polka dots together is so much more fun? (Also, it makes putting away the laundry way, way easier.)

Recently we found an awesome new company that takes mismatched socks to a new level. Each set of bright, bold, colorful PALS socks pairs two different creatures, like cats and dogs or birds and worms. The aim is to teach kids that it’s cool to be friends with someone who is different than you.

My kids tried a few pairs and they are definitely cute if a bit pricey. Definitely a treat, though there are some decent savings on gift sets. Still, they’re thick, soft and warm, with thoughtful construction — the smaller sizes even come with a grippy bottom to avoid slippage, making them almost slipper-like. And with dozens of designs that range from unicorns with pink and purple hair to zombies with eyes popping out or their heads, there’s something for everyone. Even adults.


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PALS makes fun mismatched socks for kids to help teach that different can be fun

We found super fun socks from PALS -- Cats and Dogs are a mismatched pair!


We've found the most fun socks for grownups or kids, in silly mismatched pairs -- like this Unicorn and Dragon set from PALS.

Now if we’re to be honest, I’m not sure a preschooler is going to get a major lesson in diversity from a pair of panda and koala or dragon and unicorn socks. But I like the premise and the designs. And hey, maybe the next series will be more obvious, like oh…a Red Sox logo and a Yankee logo. Or a red state and a blue state?

Kidding. Sort of.

You can shop all the crazy cool designs of PALS fun socks from our affiliate Amazon, or find more info on their website. Adult styles are available too, with baby socks coming soon! Thanks to the company for sending some to CMP for review consideration.