We’re big fans of toys that inspire creativity in our kids. And if they’re small enough to fit in a backpack, even better. The Dollhouse Book by Rock and Pebble is perfection. This house-shaped cardboard-cover book is a 30-page blank canvas, literally, for your child to custom-create their own dream house. They can design at home or on-the-go. No more impatient waits for food to arrive at the table or for a sister’s dance class to be over. And once they’ve designed every room of the most amazing home ever, they can set it up to play — anywhere.

Which they totally cannot do with that massive heirloom dollhouse they got from Grandma.

One of my favorite things about The Dollhouse Book is that the front and back covers have elastic bands that can hold specific pages in place. That way, your child can play — hands-free — in specific rooms of their choosing. Yay for smart designs that keep our kids from melting down!


Design your own dream dollhouse with The Dollhouse Book.

The Dollhouse Book: Design your own rooms, and play with it anywhere.

Connect multiple Dollhouse Books together to create a dollhouse mansion.


What’s really cool (can it get any cooler?) is that those bands also hold up to four dollhouse books together. Which means your kids can DIY a 60-room mansion. I can imagine my kids designing their own professional chef kitchens, indoor basketball courts, space transportation rooms, and personal zoos… and, maybe a quiet meditation room for Mom, no kids allowed.

You can find The Dollhouse Book at Rock and Pebble’s shop, or where we first found it, at the awesomely curated shop Design Life Kids. Miniature dolls and coloring pens not included.

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