If you want to amp up your March Madness schedule this week, or you happen to be combining a watching party with a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, may we suggest some beer cocktails? (No coincidence they’re both the same week, say beer and basketball fans everywhere.) Fortunately, we’ve got a great one to start you off.

This Sriracha-Lada beer cocktail recipe from Bon Appetit looks like it will add some proper heat to the night. It’s rather like a Bloody Mary, only replacing the tomato juice and vodka with a Mexican lager. I’m in!

If that’s not your speed — or you know you can’t be drinking Sriracha-laden bevs all night without consequence — then check out our post on 5 delicious beer cocktails. With recipes that make great use of everything from pale ales to lagers to wheat beers to regular old ‘murcan lite beers, we bet there will be one you love.

Plus, with a beer cocktail, you score far more points with guests (see what I did there?) than just cracking open bottles.