We’ve been hopping all over the internet to find¬†our favorite free Easter printables to help you get ready for Easter Sunday. Our hunt turned up¬†some of the cutest printable Easter coloring pages, decorations, and DIY treat boxes that you can just click and print in time for¬†the 27th. (Yes, it’s coming soon!) Bunny¬†bandit masks and playdough mats? Yes, found them too.¬†And since they’re all free, you can go ahead and splurge on some¬†fancy chocolate bunnies for yourself. And we hope you do.

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Free Easter Printables: Easter Bunny Treat Cones | We are Scout
Printable Easter Bunny Treat Cones | We are Scout

Fill these sweet-smiling, easy-to-make Easter bunny treat cones with colorful jelly beans or chocolate eggs¬†and set¬†one at each place setting. Or just hand¬†them out to the kids. Either way, they’re bound to be a big hit.


Free Easter Printables: Jumping Bunny Cupcake Toppers | Oh Happy Day
Jumping Bunny Cupcake Toppers | Oh Happy Day

A colorful pom pom becomes a fluffy bunny tail on these jumping bunny cupcake toppers that are so easy to print out. We know a few kids who would be happy to volunteer to pin the tails on the bunnies, which will make this last-minute craft even easier to check off the list.


Free Easter Printables: Giant Easter Egg Coloring Page | Mr. Printables
Giant Easter Egg Coloring Page | Mr. Printables

If you keep finding the kids hands in the jelly beans jar, print out this multi-page giant Easter egg coloring page and give them something a bit more constructive to do. Either taped to a table¬†or hung on a wall, there’s plenty of room for a few colorers to get involved.


Free Easter Printables: Bunny Bandit Mask |  Julep for Minted
Bunny Bandit Mask | Mer Mag for Julep

How great is this bunny bandit mask for kids who may not really be into the whole fluffy, cuddly bunny thing? It’s also the perfect disguise to don before¬†they¬†go out hunting Easter eggs.


Free Easter Printables: Bunny Straw Holder | The Seasoned Mom
Bunny Straw Holder | The Seasoned Mom

Everything tastes sweeter if you’re¬†drinking from this adorable bunny straw holder from The Seasoned Mom.


Free Easter Printables: Pastel Easter Garland | Picklebums
Pastel Easter Garland | Picklebums

No need to go out and buy Easter decorations: Picklebums’ free printable Easter shapes can easily be printed, cut, and affixed to a ribbon for a festive garland to hang above your brunch table or entryway.


Free Easter Printables: Bunny & Bow Easter Goodie Bags | Hello Wonderful
Bunny & Bow Easter Goodie Bags | Hello Wonderful

With this free printable, you can create impressive Easter bunny goodie bags, complete with a natty paper bowtie. Once assembled, tuck a few chocolate eggs or other treats inside.


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Free Easter Printables: Hand Drawn Easter Stickers | Mermag
Illustrated Easter Stickers | Mer Mag

Whether you include them in the Easter basket or hand them out for some pre-egg hunt crafting, Mer Mag’s illustrated Easter stickers will be a big hit among sticker-loving kids (i.e., all of them).



Free Easter Printables: Easter Bunny Treat Box | Mein Lila Park
Easter Bunny Treat Box | Mein Lila Park

What would¬†you hide inside this adorable¬†Easter bunny treat box? We just know that we’d make enough of these treat boxes for everyone at the table; they double-up perfectly as seating cards.



Free Easter Printables: Easter Counting Coloring Pages | Easy Peasy and Fun
Easter Counting Coloring Pages | Easy Peasy and Fun

Preschoolers will have fun coloring and counting the Eastery pictures¬†on Easy Peasy and Fun’s coloring pages. Display the kids’¬†finished work somewhere special for Easter dinner and maybe they’ll show off their ABCs and 123s.


Free Easter Printables: DIY Easter Candy Huggers | Lia Griffith
DIY Easter Candy Huggers | Lia Griffith

These adorable Easter animals look so¬†cute hugging their foil-covered chocolate eggs that we’re pretty sure this will be an Easter table showstopper. Put one at¬†each place setting and even the youngest in the bunch won’t complain about staying seated. (She has included both the SVG cut file, as well as a regular PDF for those of us who are¬†old-school and still cut with scissors.)


Free Easter Printables: Many Bunny Coloring Page  | HaleGrafx
Many Bunny Coloring Page | HaleGrafx

We all know bunnies multiply quickly, as seen in¬†HaleGrafx’s bunny coloring pages. Keep the kids busy for a bit by printing out a whole bunch and putting out some crayons or markers (glitter colors may help).


Free Easter Printables: Easter Lunchbox Jokes | Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke
Easter Lunchbox Jokes | Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Though Easter falls on a Sunday, our kids would crack up to get these silly Easter lunchbox notes in the days leading up to the weekend. You can also print out a few to put into Easter baskets for little comedians who can never get enough jokes.


Free Easter Printables: Play dough and crafting mats from picklebums

Easter Play Dough Mats and Crafting Pages | Picklebums

Picklebums’ playdough mats and crafting pages make¬†a great activity for¬†before or after the annual egg hunt. Just put out plenty of¬†crafting supplies and tubs of play dough and see what clever ideas your kids hatch.


Free Easter Printables: Colorful Easter Stickers to print | Oh Everything Handmade
Free Printable Easter Stickers | Oh Everything Handmade (sorry, this is no longer available to print)

This colorful menagerie of Easter stickers by Oh Everything Handmade will make a great Easter basket treat that is sweet but not sugary.