Easter traditions, in no particular order: 1. Dye eggs. 2. Find eggs. 3. Open baskets. 4. Steal all the Reese’s eggs from the kids. 5. Look at all the winners of all the Peeps art contests.

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I always head to the annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama winners first, followed by the excellent Seattle Times Peeps Contest. And then there’s also the WashPo’s dedicated Kids’ Peep Contest that your kids will love, featuring sugary homages to Inside Out, DC area sports teams, fairy tales, and Peep Steve Harvey whiffing the Miss Universe Peepgeant winner announcement.

My own favorite has to be “The Scream” by Lisa Johnson, aka Peepward Much (above) which took first prize for the Seattle Times.

But a close second is two tween siblings’ Ground Control to Major Peep, David Bowie Tribute for the Washington Post.

Peeps Diorama Contest, Kids Division: Ground Control to Major Peep Bowie Tribute

Ground Control to Major Peep by Starlette and Lily Franklin, 12 and 7, of Lutherville, Maryland

Peeps Rock City: Kiss tribute made out of Peeps in the MLive Peeps Diorama contest

Detroit Peep City marshmallow tribute to Kiss by Jules Isenberg-Wedel

And in keeping with the music theme, props to Michigan’s MLive Peeps contest which yielded a simple but genius tribute to Kiss, tissue paper pyrotechnics included.

Hey, we know Peeps as actual FDA-approved edible food product are extremely polarizing, with some of us falling into the “better to look at” camp, and some of us in the “eat all you can, while you can” camp.

Not sure? Take a look at this video on how 5 million Peeps are made. It may push you in one direction or the other.


Check out the list of official Peeps diorama contests from around the country at the Peeps website. And happy Easter everyone!