With spring break here or coming up¬†for lots of us, and¬†summer vacations around the corner (whoo!), we know so many families will be hitting the skies — some of you for the very first time with kids in tow. So, as a couple of been-there-done-that moms who’ve flown alone with our children since they were babies, we’re often asked by our readers for travel tips for families.

Ask and ye shall receive!

On this latest episode of ¬†Spawned¬†we’re share lots of cool tips, tricks, and our¬†own experiences — the good, the bad, and the sleepless — that will hopefully¬†help you on your next trip, even if you’re seasoned airline pros. Besides, you get to laugh at Kristen’s story of¬†how she handled being seated separate from her young kids on one fight, and Liz’s confession about how she felt about babies on planes before she became a parent.

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Here are some of the links we covered on the show (there are lots!) plus some travel tips and products¬†we’ve featured on our¬†site that might be helpful for you too.


Helpful travel tips for parents

The Cares safety restraint system for wiggly kids. Liz says it really does help!

We both swear by the Zarbees nighttime cough syrup which helps kids sleep using natural ingredients.

To keep kids busy, we love the Usborne sticker books and magnetic play sets. Also, the Boogie Board is a great for drawing, writing and playing games.

We’re all for screen time on planes (whatever works), like loading up books on the Kindle for Kids e-reader¬†or some of these fantastic¬†educational app recommendations for kids.

Don’t forget the kid-safe headphones! Those airline earbuds won’t work for them.

We’ve got lots of ways to eat¬†healthy while you’re traveling with kids, plus homemade vacation snack recipes¬†that are tasty and easy and save you money — though we do debate the practicality¬†of one of them¬†on the show.


Cool Travel Picks of the Week 

Carry on cocktail kit: Everything you need to have your favorite drink on the plane

Kristen: Carry on cocktail kit — It’s got everything but the booze, and it’s TSA-approved!

Liz: Klorane dry shampoo — A parent’s lifesaver and a travel must! (Find it at our affiliate Sephora for $20. It lasts forever.)


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