My kids have gotten to the age where they play sports year-round. Their favorite is basketball, so I don’t have as many of those irritating grass and dirt stains that you football and baseball parents have. But wow, the sweat in those jerseys… so bad that I lift them and the matching smelly socks with a broom handle. But even after the uniforms are¬†washed, they stink. So, when I¬†heard that¬†HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent claims to get to the root of sweat odor in a new, eco-friendly way, I¬†thought I’d give it a try.

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In researching this detergent, I learned a few things. Sweat doesn’t have an odor. While I begged to differ, it turns out that what you’re actually smelling is the bacteria on your skin (or clothes) digesting your sweat. I know, ew.¬†Seriously, if you’re already feeling queasy, don’t read this:¬†HEX¬†tested a pair of jeans that had been worn for two weeks, and they found 1,000 bacteria on the front, even more¬†on the back and a frightening colony of 10,000 bacteria in the crotch of the pants. Just, yuck.

So, while most detergents were formulated back before lululemon and dry-wicking fabrics took over the world, HEX is different. It targets and kills the bacteria, instead of masking¬†the smell. The loads I’ve washed with HEX come out smelling like… nothing. Which, apparently, is what clean laundry is supposed to smell like.


HEX Advanced Laundry detergent cleans your clothes by targeting the bacteria that make them smell.

HEX is also eco-friendly. Their packaging uses significantly less warehouse space (like, 80% less), which obviously translates into less landfill space too. And, it uses 75% less plastic than a traditional tub of detergent. Their ingredients include no harsh chemicals, so it’s easy on the skin. And since it doesn’t trap grime in the fibers but actually protects against this buildup, your fabrics will last longer so you can consume less that way too.

And, in my household, less sweaty socks to lift with a broom is a big, big win.

You can find HEX Advanced Laundry Detergent in Whole Foods and Target or you can order it from our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to HEX for sending us some sample detergent to try out.