We love Mother’s Day gifts that give back and so I was happy to learn about ProFlowers’s collaboration with All Across Africa, an organization that handcrafts the most beautiful woven vases and baskets in crisp, colorful patterns. Every one is locally sourced and handmade in East Africa, where weaving is providing sustainable employment and income to the women artisans.

It’s the perfect way to add a little extra joy to a Mother’s Day bouquet, especially knowing she’ll have something special long after the flowers are gone.

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The new All Across Africa collection includes Mother's Day flowers in handwoven baskets supporting women artisans in East Africa

What I love even more is that for every two baskets that are sold, a child in need will receive one month of schooling. What a fantastic way to spread the love to all mothers this Mother’s Day.

Find these gorgeous woven vases, plus more handcrafted gifts by All Across Africa, at ProFlowers. 

Editor’s Note: We do have to provide the caveat that ProFlowers is known for widely varied qualities of the bouquets that arrive, which may be a factor of the very affordable prices. If this is a service you use anyway, this is one category of flowers to consider when you order.