I have a soft spot for twee animal products in general, but when I received Lewis, the snuggly, adorable travel blanket with the sweet raccoon face, I found myself in a blissful, childlike state, wanting to run outside and climb the nearest tree.

The Nomad Travel Blankets from EllieFunDay go beyond adorable though, with a mission to encourage kids to venture outside more often. And Amelia the Bunny, Marco the Panda, and Lewis the Raccoon are all just waiting to be unfurled for an impromptu picnic, flown proudly as a cape, or tucked under a little head for some serious stargazing.

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Each blanket folds neatly into a pillow-like pocket with an animal face, and is made of 100% organic cotton flannel that’s super soft but still durable enough for playing outdoors. Plus, each comes with a little loop for easy clipping to a backpack or stroller (and you know how much we love smart design). And, it’s machine washable, which is naturally a must for any buddy that makes it out the front door.

How can anyone choose between these three sweet faces on the Nomad Travel Blanket from EllieFunDay

In addition to being a smart new product for kids who love the companionship of a special snuggly, these blankets are helping women in a major way. Every one of EllieFunDay’s handcrafted organic baby blankets empowers marginalized women in India by providing them with sustainable employment and fair wages.

We think this blanket will be the perfect special send-off for your child’s next great adventure — whether that’s surviving their first week at sleepaway camp, a long road trip with the grandparents, or even adjusting to nap time at a new school.

Thanks to EllieFunDay for the sample, which I haven’t been able to stop snuggling. You can check out EllieFunDay’s Indiegogo project to read more about their mission, learn about their non-profit Handcrafted for Life, and to back their cause. Plus, be sure to check out the Nomad Travel Blanket and pre-order your special snuggly now (estimated ship date November 2016).