We’re typically not huge fans of nursing covers around here. Grabbing a baby blanket or muslin swaddler and tucking it into our bra straps always worked just fine for all of us when we felt the need to cover up a little more. But when I found out about the new Covered Goods nursing cover I was impressed.

This nursing cover covers way more than you might think, doing quadruple duty as a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a car seat shade, and an infinity scarf. That’s some seriously smart thinking.

And, it looks super chic too.

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So let’s start with the primary use: Nursing.

The stretchy, lightweight fabric is evidently breathable too, which means it’s not too hot, so you and your baby can stay comfortable whether you’re wearing it as a scarf or flipping it around as a nursing cover. They’re very wide — big enough to cover you all the way to your waist — which beats the more compact alternatives that require a lot of fussing to get the right angle.

But I think what makes these new nursing covers so cool is the fact that even if you’re iffy on a nursing cover overall (honestly, how many of us got them as shower gifts then used them rarely), you’ve got other options.

Whip it off your body and use it to cover your car seat if you are strolling or toting your baby around. It’s designed so that the car seat handle goes through the gap in the fabric, creating a sizeable opening for fresh air to pass through and easy access to your baby.

You can also use it as a grocery shopping cart cover — good for all us germaphobes out there who get queasy just thinking about what may be on that cart handle your baby will have his drooly hands all over. Just be sure to wash the cover in-between uses if you’re going to use it as a cart cover because, germs.

The Covered Goods new nursing cover covers way more than just your nursing baby.

Nursing cover-up

When you're not nursing, you can wear the Covered Goods new nursing cover as an infinity scarf.

Infinity scarf

Covered Goods 4-in-1 nursing cover can work as a car seat cover too.

Car seat cover

You can use your smart Covered Goods new nursing cover as a shopping cart cover too.

Shopping cart cover

Thankfully, the Covered Goods 4-in-1 nursing cover is machine washable because new moms have enough to worry about. At under $35, I think this is a pretty sweet deal for any nursing mom or mom-to-be.

You can find the Covered Goods 4-in-1 nursing cover in multiple fabric designs at their website. Thanks Covered Goods for sending us a nursing cover to check out!