When I saw the FUNBOY pool floats my pool envy grew three sizes, because, a flamingo? Flaming lips? A rainbow unicorn? I need to have these in my life right now. And not just because they’re freaking cool. They actually give back in an amazing way too.

These fancy floats, or “luxury floats” as they’re called (what?), turn out to be celeb favorites, if you tend to purchase your summer toys based on such things. Still, we can see why. They’re all perfect for Insta photo opps, from a golden swan to a giant flamingo, to a hashtag — which we suggest not overusing. Ha.

These pool floats definitely over-the-top which means they’re on the pricey side. But hey, what’s a ride on a rainbow unicorn worth to you? Although come to think of it, it’s got wings. Which makes it a rainbow unicorn pegasus.

Even better.

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Rainbow flying unicorn pool float from Funboy

Funboy makes awesome, oversized pool floats in black, white and gold swans

Golden unicorn pool float from Funboy: Awesome!

FUNBOY pool floats: Private jet, anyone?

Giant flamingo float for the pool? Yes, please! | FUNBOY

Giant hashtag pool float from Funboy! Don't overuse it (Ha)

With every purchase of a FUNBOY pool float, you give clean drinking water access to one person in a developing country in partnership with RainCatcher, which makes me love these even more.

So whether you’ve got your own pool, or you want to get yourself an auto-invite to your neighbor’s pool by gifting them one of these, we’re pretty sure these pool floats are the way to ride out the summer, and feel good about doing it too.

You can check out all these kitschy, luxury FUNBOY pool floats on their website.

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