When I saw the FUNBOY pool floats my pool envy grew three sizes, because, a flamingo? Flaming lips? A rainbow unicorn? I need to have these in my life right now. And not just because they’re freaking cool. They actually give back in an amazing way too.

These fancy floats, or “luxury floats” as they’re called (what?), turn out to be celeb favorites, if you tend to purchase your summer toys based on such things. Still, we can see why.

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They’re all perfect for Insta photo opps, from a swan to a giant flamingo, to a new made-for-Instagram butterfly pool float. Gorgeous!  Or floats built for two for all that social un-distancing we’ll be doing safely this summer. Yes please.


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FUNBOY's new butterfly pool float is amazing!

These pool floats definitely over-the-top which means they’re on the pricey side. But hey, what’s a ride on a rainbow unicorn worth to you? Or how about a yacht float for two.

Oh and, it’s definitely cheaper than an actual yacht. No helipad on it though, sorry.

Oh, and if you want something a little more affordable but still cool as far as pool floats go, check out their giant inflatable inner tubes in 10 different prints. There really is something for everyone — provided you’re up for something that everyone else will want to photograph!


Rainbow flying unicorn pool float from Funboy

Funboy rainbow daybed float for two -- for safe social undistancing!

Funboy inflatable jungle tube float

The new glitter unicorn "luxury float" from FUNBOY

Funboy's yacht float for two -- yes please!

With every purchase of a FUNBOY pool float, you give clean drinking water access to one person in a developing country in partnership with RainCatcher, which makes me love these even more.

So whether you’ve got your own pool, or you want to get yourself an auto-invite to your neighbor’s pool by gifting them one of these, we’re pretty sure these pool floats are the way to ride out the summer, and feel good about doing it too.

You can check out all these kitschy, luxury FUNBOY pool floats on Amazon or in local specialty stores,.