Like many of the world’s greatest ideas, She’s the First began with a cupcake bake sale (okay, maybe not many great ideas begin with a bake sale, but I say it’s never a bad place to start) and from there it’s grown to become an organization doing exceptional, impactful work creating educational opportunities for girls most in need.

Let’s just say after reading up on it, I’m left feeling not just impressed, but inspired.

Co-founded by 23-year-old Tammy Tibbetts and Christen Brandt, She’s the First grants scholarships to girls in low-income countries to help them become first-generation graduates, knowing this leads to a host of other benefits for the girls and their communities — higher wages, reduced domestic violence, lower maternal mortality, to name a few.

So far, this charity has provided over 1,900 years (whoa) of free education to 754 girls in need thanks to partnerships with established local non-profits and schools. Recipients include girls like Maheshwari (shown above) who lives in rural India, Ethiopian student Sintayehu, and Elizabeth (below) who lives in Ollantaytambu, Peru. You can read more about their amazing journeys through the links.

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She's the First partners with local schools to help girls in underdeveloped countries get the education they need.

I happen to love that She’s the First continues to be run by an all-female staff (though with the help of an impressive Board of Directors and Advisory Committee) and in fact, empowers girls and young women right here in the US, too.

That’s because their model isn’t just about donations, but by giving students in particular the chance to fundraise for the cause and create the next generation of philanthropic female leaders.

You can check out their website to see all the brilliant ideas supporters have come up with including, yes, more bake sales — but also 5k races, social media campaigns, concerts, skill-share classes, commemorative birthday donations, and more.

If you have a daughter (or son!) looking to support an amazing cause, consider having them sign up for the Bake a Change fundraiser through She’s the First website. Or let them dream up a totally new, groundbreaking idea. Who knows, it could even become the next She’s the First.

Visit She’s the First and learn how to sponsor a girl’s education, make a donation of any amount, donate skills, or create your own fundraisers