It seems like our annual Back to School Guide gets earlier each year, because hey – we’re here for you, parents! Whether you’re already scrambling to get those school shopping lists covered or you’ve got a good month left to track down the best backpack or lunch box or pencil case or kawaii eraser, we’ve got you covered.

So we’re excited to kick off our back to school shopping recos with an amazing selection of the coolest backpacks for preschoolers and little kids!

We’ve scoured the web to find the most adorably fun backpacks that are sized or designed just for little ones, who don’t yet have to carry more than a few snacks, maybe a lovey, and some favorite pencils.

Speaking of which, we’re also excited to welcome back our sponsor BIC, who’s celebrating handwriting through their Fight for Your Write campaign. (And you all know how much we value handwriting, parents.) Visit the site, sign the pledge to encourage handwriting at home like we do, and they’ll even donate a pen or pencil through, to help support classrooms in need.

So take a look at these awesome backpacks for preschoolers and younger kids, and happy shopping!

All products are selected by our editors; there has been no compensation in exchange for recommendations. CMP is an rstyle affiliate. Please double check the dimensions of the backpacks to be sure they’re right for your kid’s needs!
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Adorable unicorn preschool backpack with optional personalization from PBK | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016 | photo: kleine+prinzessin11

unicorn backpack $36.50 PBK (personalization extra)
photo: @kleine_prinzessin11 via pbk

The coolest backpacks for preschool and little kids | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016


(top to bottom; left to right)
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Hearts Backpack $25.99, eBags | Black Shark Backpack $39.99/$44.99, Soyoung | Solar System Junior Backpack $29.50 and up, PBK | Ashley M Black Kitty Backpack $39.99, eBags | Kawaii Moustache Mini Preschool Backpack $29.99, Milkdot | Flower Power Bubble Half-Pack $65, Madpax | Skip*Hop Zoo Chameleon Preschool Backpack $20, Skip*Hop | Junior Dragon Backpack $36 on sale, Hanna Andersson| Obersee 03 Preschool Backpack with Built-in Lunch Cooler $29.99, eBags



Star Wars Chibi characters on the cutest backpack! | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016

Loungefly Chibi Star Wars Backpack  $31.92 on sale, Hot Topic


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Handwriting practice tips for kids: Let kids write their favorite words -- even if they're not yours! It works |

Who here believes in the importance of handwriting, raise your hand! (Well, as long as it’s the one you’re not currently writing with.)  Visit the BIC Fight for Your Write campaign, sign the pledge to commit to handwriting practice in your own home, and one pen or pencil will be donated to a classroom in need through


Madpax Spiketus Rex Duck half-pack preschool backpack: Love! | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016

Madpax Quack Spiketus Rex Half-Pack $65, My Sweet Muffin
(Update: Half-packs are now sold out. You can find the full pack at Kitsel for $85)

9 cool preschool backpacks for little kids | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016

Max the Monster Backpack $59.50, J Crew | Koala Backpack supporting the WWF $29.50 on sale, PBK | Junior Star Wars Darth Vader Stripe Preschool Backpack $36 on sale, Hanna Andersson | Hello Kitty Pebble Backpack $19.99, Target | Miss Kitty Preschool Backpack $42, Dabbawalla | Personalized Rainbow Balloons Backpack $29.50 and up, PBK | Skip*Hop Zoo Collection Bunny Preschool Backpack $20, Skip*Hop | Save The Arctic Fox Mini Kanken Backpack $65, Fjallraven | Soft Panda Preschool Backpack $42, Dabbawalla



Pokemon Pikachu backpack for preschoolers and little kids | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016

Pokémon backpack $14.99, Target in stores
Because, Pokémon.



BIC: celebrating handwriting with the Fight for your Write Campaign | Sponsor of the Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016

Thanks so much to our amazing 2016 Back to School Guide sponsor BIC, who’s celebrating handwriting in fun ways through their Fight For Your Write campaign. Visit their site for more info.