We’re continuing our¬†2016 Back to School Guide¬†with our picks for¬†cool backpacks for teens and bigger kids this year. This is the age kids get pretty picky about what they’re wearing every day, because it really is a reflection of them. So we’ve searched the web for all kinds of cool backpacks in every price range¬†that¬†help reflect your teen, tween, or grade-schooler’s¬†style. Whether they’re into emojis, Star Wars, video games, ironic retro cartoon characters, superheroes, fashion-forward metallics, or¬†rugged rucksacks, we’ve got your backs.

(Ha.¬†Couldn’t resist.)

We’re so pleased that our 2016 guide is sponsored by¬†BIC, who’s¬†celebrating handwriting through¬†their Fight for Your Write campaign. Visit the site, sign the pledge to encourage handwriting at home like we do, and they’ll even donate a pen or pencil through AdoptAClassroom.org,¬†to help support classrooms in need.

Be sure to visit the site and check out all of the¬†cool offerings from BIC, while you’re at it. After all, you’re going to need plenty of¬†cool new pens and pencils to go with that cool new backpack, right?

All products are selected by our editors; there has been no compensation in exchange for recommendations. CMP is an rstyle affiliate. 

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Top: Zara Terez Emoji Backpack $80, Zara Terez

Loungefly BB-8 Star Wars Force Awakens backpack | coolest backpacks for big kids | Back to school guide 2016

Loungefly x Star Wars BB-8 Backpack $45, Loungefly


The coolest backpacks for teens and big kids | Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016


(Left to right, top to bottom)

Mojo cockpit laptop backpack $60,¬†Koh’l |¬†Pitch black gator luxe backpack $60 Madpax |¬†Stormtrooper Print Backpack $45, Loungefly | 5 Nights at Freddy‚Äôs Backpack $27.92 on sale, Hot Topic |¬†Le Sportsac Metallic Backpack $77.99 on sale, 6PM (also avail¬†at¬†eBags) |¬†Herschel Supply Parker Laptop Backpack in Camouflage $49.99, eBags |¬†Large Comic Backpack $49.50, PBK |¬†Hogwarts Backpack $27.92 on sale, Hot Topic |¬†Top Kat Backpack, $45.99, Milkdot


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Handwriting tips for kids: Make sure the lost art of thank you note writing isn't lost!

If you believe in the importance of handwriting like we do, visit the BIC Fight for Your Write campaign, sign the pledge to commit to handwriting practice in your own home, and one pen or pencil will be donated to a classroom in need through AdoptAClassroom.org.


Custom handpainted art on Alternative laptop backpack | CLP Studio on Etsy

Custom Handpainted Alternative Laptop Backpack $99, CLP Studio on Etsy


My Little Pony Retro Starshine backpack | Back to school guide 2016

My Little Pony Retro Starshine Backpack $35.99 on sale, eBags



Cool backpacks for teens and big kids | Back to school guide 2016 | Cool Mom Picks

Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Love Backpack ¬†$44.99, ebags |¬†Hershel Liberty Print Settlement Backpack $59, Herschel Supply Co |¬†Initial Metallic Polkadot Backpack¬†$29.50, Justice |¬†Jansport Super FX Series Metallic Backpack $49.90, eBags |¬†Kanken Big Backpack $110, Fjallraven¬†|¬†Madpax Spiderman to the Rescue Hard Shell Backpack¬†$85, Madpax |¬†Burton Apollo Pack $35.99 6PM |¬†Jansport Stickers Backpack $44.99 on sale, Kohl’s |90s Mix Tape Backpack¬†$17.99¬†on sale, Target

Photo-real donut backpack from Zara Terez | Cool Mom Picks Back to School Shopping Guide 2016

Photo-Real Donut Backpack $80, Zara Terez

BIC: celebrating handwriting with the Fight for your Write Campaign | Sponsor of the Cool Mom Picks back to school guide 2016

BIC Fight for Your Write campaign: Sign the pledge to encourage handwriting at home, and they'll donate a pen/pencil to a classroom in need through AdoptAClassroomThanks so much to our amazing 2016 Back to School Guide sponsor¬†BIC, who’s celebrating handwriting in fun¬†ways through their Fight For Your Write campaign. Visit their site for more info.