After I discovered the magic of swaddling to help my babies sleep for longer than, oh, 15 minutes at a time, I was hooked. And in the way newborns spit up, poop, and find other creative ways to get their clothes and bedding messy again and again, you really can’t have too many swaddle blankets. If I had a newborn these days, the adorable swaddle sacks from Etsy shop Mint and Arrows would most definitely be in my stash.

The thing is, eventually my babies easily squirmed their way out of their swaddles, waking themselves up in the process. So I’m intrigued by the bag-shaped structure of these cocoon-style sacks, which simply slide up your baby (toes to shoulders) like a big sock, so they can’t unfold it themselves. (And if it’s too big, you can even just knot the bottom of the sack — easy!)

A better rest for both Mom and baby, plus looking so cute at the same time? Yes, please.

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Adorable swaddling blankets in fun, funky patterns at Etsy shop Mint and Arrows.

The sacks only fit sizes 0–3 months, which makes sense since that’s about the age when many babies begin to roll over and shouldn’t be swaddled anymore anyway (especially if they’ve learned how to roll onto their belly!). But unlike more traditional swaddle blankets, which can easily transform into a tummy time mat or a blanket for walks in the stroller, these sacks are really just for newborn swaddling.

Still, I’m pretty sure more than a few moms will find a way to repurpose these adorable sacks after their babies have outgrown them — filling them up with diapering supplies for a quick grab-and-go bag or as a toy bag to keep in the car or in the bottom of the stroller.

You can shop the baby swaddle sacks in hundreds of prints and patterns at Mint and Arrows’ Etsy shop. We think it will make the perfect baby shower gift.