You’ve probably heard of Lululemon, but did you know that they have a special line for girls? Yep, the company (formerly ivivia, now under the Lululemon brand name) offers cool activewear for girls, including a new Lululemon backpacks and lunch bags my girls are fighting over.

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To be honest, it’s not really a line, so much as two sets, but no matter how many there are, they’re definitely very cool.

The larger backpack styles offer lots of room for everything your middle or high schooler needs to carry without it feeling bulky. There’s even a hidden laptop pocket for kids who need to bring a computer to school. It would actually make a great alternative to a gym bag, too, if you’ve got kids on sports teams in your house.

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The new ivivva backpack for tween or teen girls

The new ivivva lunch boxes for tween and teen girls

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I really like how they’ve elevated the school lunch box to make it something an older kid would like to carry, with the removable crossbody strap, and shape that makes it look more like a bag and less like a box. It also hooks onto the backpack without adding extra bulk on the bottom.

The fabric is probably what I love most, though, since it’s water-repellent while still being pretty stylish. And considering my middle schooler walks or rides her bike to school (rain or shine), that’s a huge plus.

If you know Lululemon, then you won’t be too surprised by the steep prices, though they are comparable to higher-end backpacks and lunch bags. And in our house, my oldest kid’s backpack ends up getting passed down twice, so I’m willing to pay for quality if I know it will last me for many years.

And heck, if the younger girls aren’t interested, I’d be more than happy to carry it myself.

You can learn more about the new new Lululemon backpacks and lunch bags on their website. Thanks to them for sending me a set to try out. And don’t miss our Back to School Shopping Guide for tons of other backpacks, lunch boxes and more.