Since sunscreen applications, checking swim diapers, and dragging a bag full of snacks, toys, and towels to the pool all falls on the grown-up in charge, we’re up for anything to make it easier. We’ve found that the new swimsuits from Fastenswim are a big help for swimmers who are still in diapers or potty training. You know, that stage when a trip to the bathroom needs to happen fast.

Fastenswim suits have a band of magnets at the waist with two snaps on either end. These snaps make sure the magnets won’t pull free while you’re swimming — an important detail. When you need make a diaper change or quick potty trip, you just unlatch this section of the suit instead of taking the whole thing off. Smart, because we all know the pain of getting a wet swimsuit off and back on. There’s even a magnet at the top of the back of the suit, so kids who are using the potty can keep the bottom section of fabric clear from any, ahem, spray.

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This Fastenswim one-piece has a secret that makes diaper changes so much easier.

Secret magnets make diaper changes or bathroom trips easy with Fastenswim one-piece swimsuits.

Fastenswim swimsuits use magnets to hold bottoms in place, making bathroom trips easy even in a one-piece.

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The suits actually aren’t just for potty trainers; they go up to a size 10. And while I’ve always chosen tankinis over one-pieces for my daughter because they’re just so much easier for pottying, I love that a one-piece covers up sunburn-prone bellies. So I think Fastenswim is a pretty smart solution for both problems.

Although I have to admit, my very independent 9-year-old thought I was crazy to ask her to try one on. The fear that those snaps would come loose, while maybe unfounded, was very real to her. So we’ll be sticking with our regular selection of swimsuits, for this summer at least.

That said, I think this suit could be really helpful for older girls with certain special needs, who might find a tankini bottom harder to shimmy out of than the quick drop-down bottom of the Fastenswim. And any brand that’s working to make cool clothes for all kids, is one we’re thrilled to support.

You can find Fastenswim swimsuits for kids from size 6 months to 10 years at their website.