Whether you’re hitting the road for Labor Day weekend, or you’re back in the saddle as your kids’ own personal Uber driver, we parents know that driving with kids in the car comes with its own special challenges.

Let’s just say it can be… tough.*

So I had so much fun putting together this video depicting 6 driving distractions that people without kids will never understand on behalf of our sponsor  ZEISS Better Vision.

They make the DriveSafe eyeglass lenses that actually help you see more clearly — especially when you’re driving — so you can be sure to focus on all the other distractions. Like those feisty kids in your backseat and their constant demands for, well, everything.

Take a peek and tell us if you can relate, parents! We hope you laugh now, with the hopes that you’ll take the steps you need to keep yourself (and that precious backseat cargo) safe on the road.

Hey, if we weren’t laughing about parenting challenges, we’d be crying. Or possibly bald from pulling out our hair.

Thanks to our sponsor ZEISS Better Vision and their DriveSafe lenses for giving parents one less distraction when they’re driving so they can focus on all the other ones. Ha, focus! Get it?

*Contender for greatest understatement of the century

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