The only thing we love more than super safe, comfortable car seats and strollers is when our essential baby gear has swanky styling too. The new City Motif Collection of baby gear from Maxi-Cosi combines serious safety features with a playful black-and-white city skyline design that manages to look both very European and, well, like you could whip out some markers and color right on it.

(But, don’t!)

The City Motif line includes three different products to take your kids from teeny to toddling. To start off, there’s the¬†Mico Max 30 infant seat, known for being the most lightweight seat in its class. It looks so cozy, I want to nap in it.

For older kids there’s the¬†City Motif Pria 85 convertible car seat¬†with AirProtect technology —¬†¬†a workhorse of a seat that takes¬†your kid from 14 to 85 pounds in posh style.¬†And if you want a cute stroller like no other, I am pretty sure the¬†City Motif Dana Stroller¬†is it. It¬†can even fold down flat to act as a pram for teeny sleepers, or convert to a travel system with the coordinating car seat.

Plus, look at the  adorable copper star detail!

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Maxi-Cosi City Motif Mico Max 30 infant car seat looks so luxurious

Maxi-Cosi City Motif Pria 85 -- check out the detail in that city skyline fabric!

Maxi-Cosi City Motif Dana Stroller by Maxi-Cosi looks nicer than my car!


I admit I was a bit concerned about a white fabric for baby gear, but turns out it’s washable, and super easy to remove ¬†you don’t even have to thread and unthread the harness strap.




Even¬†if you can’t make it to London and France for Fashion¬†Week, what a cool way¬†to¬†stroll around European-style. Just know that your growing kid is likely¬†to want to color in that¬†fabric one day– whether with washable markers or something more permanent, that will be up to you. If you’re lucky. Merci b√©b√©, merci.¬†

You can check out the new Maxi-Cosi City Motif collection at their website or find them at a local baby gear retailer near you.