Budgeting for a new baby can be overwhelming for many of us. You need clothes, diapers, a crib, a stroller — the list goes on. And on. While some items like rattles and burp clothes are relatively inexpensive, others — like a car seat and high chair or even crib bedding — can be beyond pricey. It’s hard to know where to splurge on something you’ll use for years (hint: go for the nice stroller) and where to save (skip the expensive bassinet you’ll use a couple months, at most). So, when I found out about the cool new site Expectantly, which lets families in the San Francisco Bay Area rent baby gear month-by-month, I was excited to give it a thorough look.

Let’s just say, we hope they’ll expand to cities all over the US sooner than later.

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Expectantly promises parents the best products (according to their testing), in new or like-new condition, and in all the most current models. The company states on their website that they clean and inspect all products when returned, and that after 18 months of rental use amongst clients, the item is donated to their charity partner, Baby2Baby. You can rent an item for 1, 3, or 6 months at really affordable prices, then return it when you don’t need it anymore. Since so much of your new baby gear is only used for a few months before your child outgrows it, you’ll save big time by renting. Plus, you won’t have closets, attics, or garage spaces filled with unusable goods.

Take the Babyhome Wave Rocker, for example. It’s a beautiful, modern rocker that’s frankly outside of many new parents’ budgets, if theirs are anything like ours. It costs $179 at retail, and it’s recommended for use until your baby is 6 months old. But, you can rent it from Expectantly for $23 per month. Even if you use it the full six months, you’ve still spent less than the retail price. Total score.


Rent baby gear from Expectantly, like the Nuna Mixx stroller

Rent baby gear from Expectantly, like the Baby Brezza formula maker

Rent baby gear from Expectantly, like the fun Wheely Bee ride on toys


That said, if you find something you do really love, you can apply your rental fees toward the purchase price to buy it out and keep it forever. This is a great way to test-drive strollers or other high-ticket items before you invest in their expensive price tags. And, they offer gift cards too, which is a neat idea if you’re gifting a big purchase to a friend of family member but want to make sure they really love what they’re getting.

Also think about renting from Expectantly if you need a travel crib or bike seat for your vacation, but don’t want to buy one outright because you just won’t use it often enough. And, since they rent larger toys like walker wagons, balance bikes, and play tables, Expectantly can be a fun way to keep changing up your kids’ toys — or temporarily stocking the grandparents’ house before you come for a visit.

You can rent strollers, sleeper cots, baby food or formula makers, and even toys at Expectantly, as long as you live in the SF Bay area. Here’s to hoping Expectantly expands to the rest of the country soon!