As someone who dreads sheet shopping with the fiery hatred of a thousands suns (seriously, why why why are 99% of all the sheets online so darn fugly?), I breathed a sigh of relief when I first clicked over to Brooklinen, a new site offering beautifully packaged, well-made sheet sets in go-with-anything modern fabrics.

If you’re into big florals or wild colors, this is not going to be your thing. But it certainly is mine.

They sent out a core set to try out (windowpane if you’re curious, which I looooo-oooove) and I admit I’m about a zillion times more impressed than I had expected to be.


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Brooklinen now offers easy to buy sheet sets at terrific prices in modern, simple designs

The Oeko-Tex certified, long staple cotton percale fabric —  translated into English — feels like those uber-comfy, slightly silky sheets I always adore at high-end hotels, but can never seem to track down. The weight has felt just perfect for both the insane high humidity summer days we’ve been having, and the cooler nights already starting to roll in.

Plus, they’ve held up beautifully throughout multiple washings. They’re even getting softer, without any fading or discoloration from what I can tell.

And that’s their lower-end line.

(Update 2020: I will add that the white sheets do seem to yellow faster than other white sheets I’ve had. Wash with bleach for sure to keep them white.)

I also appreciate details like the hidden buttons for closing the duvet cover edge, inner corner ties to keep your duvet from scrunching down into the cover, and ZOMG best thing ever — little hidden tags that indicate long side/short side of the fitted sheets, helping you to avoid the world’s most annoying aspect of fitted sheets. Besides folding them.

Brooklinen sheets in modern, neutral designs at great prices

Brooklinen sheets come in affordable sets for gorgeous quality modern designs and colors

Windowpane sheet sets from Brooklinen - great prices for amazing sheets

Love the Brooklinen sheets in Windowpane

I expected to be paying a premium for the convenience, but turns out the prices are comparable to what I’m seeing at places like Target. The sets start at just $99 and top out at $389 for the Move-In Bundle, which includes good quality pillows and a new Canadian Goose Down comforter.

Based on how much I love my new sheets, I would totally go back and purchase one of the Brooklinen quilts when the Black Graham is back in stock. And probably will.

Take note of my one disclaimer however: Brooklinen sheets do not enable you to wake up with the exquisitely perfect hair that their models seem to have each morning. So, don’t count on that.

Visit Brooklinen for modern sheet sets, pillow and blankets, and get free shipping on your first purchase. Thanks to the company for sending CMP a set for review consideration.