Every good baby deserves donuts and ice cream and Oreos… at least in the form of adorable silicone teethers. Not only are they so¬†delicious, you just want to gobble¬†them up (the teethers, not the babies), they’re also super safe and carefully constructed. That’s one less thing to worry about. Oh, and the donuts contain no trans fats. Heh.

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The donut teethers we found at Spearmint Love are deliciously cute!


Adorable cookie and ice cream teethers with colorful bead clips from Spearmint Love.

The teethers, which we found at Spearmint Love, are made of 100% food grade silicone and can be chilled for added relief while teething. The ones that come with paci clips are made of rust-free and saliva-resistant stainless steel. And the sprinkles are apparently very soothing to irritated gums and new baby teeth. Ah, the many benefits of rainbow sprinkles.

Paci clips with Maple and silicone beads from Spearmint Love

But if¬†you prefer to BYOP (bring your own paci) to playdates, then you can still get one of these¬†adorable paci clips, which are made of food grade silicone beads and locally sourced American Maple, which has been hand-rubbed with olive oil and organic beeswax to prevent splintering. I love that it comes in¬†16¬†different color combos — from purely pastel to sharp gray or black — because there’s really a style to suit¬†everyone’s taste.

Iconic camera and diamond-shaped silicone teethers from Spearmint Love

Hashtag silicone baby teether at Spearmint Love. Because, #cutebabies.

But hey, donuts with sprinkles aren’t for everyone (wait, what?); so Spearmint Mint offers¬†a full line of iconic symbol teethers¬†too, like cameras, diamonds, and hashtags (because, #cutebabies). These are also made from¬†100% silicone and free of all that gross stuff.¬†They’re also dishwasher and freezer safe so, you know, you can keep those diamonds on ice.

You can find all of these adorable teethers and paci clips at Spearmint Love.