Next to sleeping and feeding, teething is probably the most-talked about baby topic¬†on the hundreds of¬†Facebook mom groups I’m a member of–probably because it always impacts sleeping and feeding too. Thus, my desperation to find cool teething toys that also¬†have a little style to them since¬†I know I’ll be looking at them every single day for ages.

Mom favorite¬†Chewbeads¬†is already cornering the market on beautiful teethers for babies disguised as jewelry, and now they’re out with the 100% safe silicone¬†Chewbeads Baby Gramercy Stroller Toy¬†which conveniently attaches to car seat handles, stroller toy bars and even your baby’s jungle gym.

The Gramercy toy is¬†larger than you might expect, so¬†if you have an early teether like my kids (both started around three months old), it¬†may not come in handy until they’re a little older, with slightly bigger mouths and hands to grasp those pretty beads that you can even coordinate with your stroller, if you’re so inclined.

Gorgeous new teething toys from Chewbeads: The Gramercy Stroller Toy

According to the folks at Chewbeads, select beads even glow in the dark, although to be honest,¬†they’re not super glow-y and I’m not sure that in-the-dark teething toy recognition is a big selling point, especially considering they’re designed for strollers and car seats, not cribs. That said, I love the idea, and am hopeful they’ll¬†be on a steady rotation of teething toys for my own baby in the coming months, along with¬†my other Chewbeads accessories, our¬†Sophie the Giraffe, a cold wet towel, and my baby’s current favorite¬†teething accessory:¬†my arm.

For a beautiful teething toy for babies, check out the new Chewbeads Gramercy Baby Stroller Toy for $15 at