I love finding new fragrances, but I never want to smell like anyone else. For me, the pleasure in perfume is in leaning close to someone and picking up a faint whiff that’s distinctly them — and I hope the fragrances I wear have the same signature feel. This new perfume, called SAOR (which is Gaelic for free), combines bergamot, white tea, and musk and the result is something that smells light, fresh, and like nothing else I’ve ever worn.

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Unlike perfume counter perfumes, it contains no alcohol or carrier oils and is considered a pure fragrance. When I roll it on, it reminds me of clear water, delicately twining vines, and indulgent spas. (No, I am not exaggerating. It’s that good!)

I especially love it after working up a sweat and showering to keep that cool, refreshing feeling as long as possible.

But I’m also a big fan because it comes in a 10mL glass rollerball packaged in a beautiful bamboo box, which means I can safely travel with it and not worry about suffering from a perfumesplosion.

You can find SAOR at their website. And if you buy SAOR anytime between now and December 31, 2016 they’ll donate 10% of your purchase to Opportunity International, a global nonprofit that empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries with financial services and training. And they’ll give you $10 off your purchase with promo code OPPORTUNITY.