Who says first-time moms need all the stuff? Even BTDT second-time around moms who have saved a bunch of their favorite items, could still use some new gear and gifts for second babies that make their life much easier. Especially if there’s a good spread between kids because wow, gifts for new moms just get better and better by the minute!

So we’re so excited to put together this next installment of our Baby Registry Essentials Guide series on behalf of our partner, Gugu Guru, a smart online baby registry — which is truly a life saver for even second-time (or third or fourth-time, ahem) moms.

You can find all 11 of our gift recommendations for second babies right on the Gugu Guru site where you can easily add them — or anything on the web at all — to your baby registry there with a single click.

No need to lug your family out to register for the items you need at the store, or try and merge multiple registries from multiple websites. Gugu Guru does it all in one place, along with expert guidance if you need a little advice, and custom product recommendations based on your taste and lifestyle.


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Gugu Guru online registry

This month’s guide is also brought to you in part by Finn & Emma and Baby K’Tan, two wonderful companies that make fabulous registry must-haves for any new parent, no matter how many kids you have.

So here, our favorite baby registry gifts for second babies, whether you’re planning a baby shower, sprinkle, or you’ve just got an awesome group of friends and family looking out for you. Happy shopping!


Baby registry must-haves: Double Stroller from Uppababy

A Double or Convertible Stroller

Not all double strollers are created equal. The highly-rated (and yes, splurgey) Uppa Baby VISTA (also at top) is a parent favorite, and for good reason. It’s easy-to-use, while still being sleek, and converts easily to a double stroller making it a great gift for second babies. Configure it with your choice of two infant car seats, two bassinets, or two toddler seats, making it great for both twins and for second children a few years apart. It can even be adapted for a third child for when your family grows again.

Baby registry must-haves: Britax Marathon Clicktight carseat

A New Car Seat for the Second Child

A new car seat is an absolute must-have, and a welcome gift for a second-time parent. While you can always get a new infant seat for the baby, parents may be passing theirs down (if it’s in good shape). In which case, it’s such a relief to know you’ve got a more expensive convertible car seat waiting ready for you when that new baby is just a bit older. We’re big fans of the Britax Marathon Clicktight, which is not only from a brand we’ve loved and trusted for our own kids, but the seat happens to be one of the highest rated convertible cars eats on the market.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro | Cool Mom Picks

Feeding Essentials of All Kinds

There’s nothing like an extra set of hands when you’re adding another baby into the mix, and that’s pretty much what you’ll get with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. With the press of a button, it measures, mixes, and heats your baby’s bottle so all you need to do is try to stay awake (or not) while you’re feeding, making it a perfect gift idea for second babies.

You can also register for affordable basics which probably need to be replenished with a new baby. New bottles are a great idea, and lately more parents are turning to glass from plastic. Dr. Brown’s glass bottles, are one of many favorites among our team. Also, consider bottle cleaning brushes, a new drying rack, or handy fridge storage devices for breastmilk or formula.


Baby registry must-haves: Finn & Emma Stroller Toy

Fun New Teething Toys

New baby, new drool. But really, who needs an excuse to buy a new baby some adorable new toys? We’re in love with everything from our sponsor Finn and Emma who we’ve covered here before, but this two-piece stroller toy set might take the cake. We’re swooning over the soft-knit pirate coupled with a heart tattoo wooden teether which together will keep a second baby’s hands and gums occupied.


From our sponsor

If you’re expecting or know someone who is, Gugu Guru is such a smart way to create your baby registry. With personalized product recommendations that are based on your own taste, your style, and your habits, Gugu Guru actually goes a step beyond a standard registry, functioning more like that awesome friend who’s a baby gear expert and wants to help you pick exactly what you need for your new baby.


Gugu Guru online registry

Once you take the fun quiz (it’s easy, promise!), you can click on the button to get guidance from real experts. The result is a ton of fantastic product recommendations based on your specific needs, and not some generic list.

And if you can’t find everything that you’re looking for on Gugu Guru’s extensive website, you can cruise the web and add items to your registry from any site at all. What a time saver.




Baby registry must-haves: Baby socks from Trumpette

Super Cute Baby Socks

Even though a second-time might have saved baby clothes, socks are always the one thing that seem to get lost, making them a perfect gift idea for second babies. We all swear by Trumpette, which makes awesome styles that look like ballet shoes, mary janes, lace-up high tops, or Vans-style skateboard shoes, shown here. But beyond looking cool, they actually stay on those tiny toes. Which is a gift in itself.


The best gift ideas for second babies: The Miracle Blanket! i.e. the gift of sleep

A Swaddler That Does the Job

Sleep is more of a necessity than ever with two — or more — kids in the house. The Miracle Blanket is a tried and true swaddler that parents have used for years to help get their babies to sleep, no fancy origami required.


Baby registry must-haves: Onesies

New Clothes! Stain-Free! Whoo!

With all that spit-up — and other stains of dubious origins — it’s so awesome to start fresh with a few non-hand-me-downs. We are big fans of Primary Clothing, our newest go-to for simple, affordable basics for babies (and big kids too). No patterns, no worrying about getting a new parent’s style perfectly; just bold, bright colors that can be mixed and matched with ease and hold up beautifully, even through a zillion washes. Oh…and to make the gift extra special, throw in some scent-free baby detergent or a stain stick. The new parents will smile. And it will definitely be put to good use!



Baby registry must-haves: Easier baby book

A Guilt-Free Baby Book

So, how’d that baby book for #1 go? We know we’re not alone in realizing ours never quite lived up to our prepartum plans. And if you think the first one was hard to finish…forget it when it comes to baby #2. So ditch the guilt with an easier option in the Baby’s First Year Baby Book by Lucy Darling. It features prompts for simple one-word answer, a spot for a photo, and adorably modern illustrations. Easy!


Baby registry must-haves: Baby K'Tan carrier

A Comfy Baby Carrier

Even if the mom or dad wasn’t big on babywearing for the first child, going hands-free is a lifesaver with two kids, especially when you’re out and about. That’s where our sponsor Baby K’Tan has you covered. We’ve recommended their carrier wraps for years to our readers, because they’re so easy to use and so comfy to wear. Perfect for having both hands at the ready whether for pushing a stroller or chasing after an energetic big brother or sister.


Baby registry must-haves: Unisex diaper bag from skip*hop

A New Diaper Bag

Since the diaper bag is often handed off between both parents or parent and caregiver when two kids are in the mix, we always suggest registering for a gender neutral diaper bag, like the Duo Signature from skip*hop. We’ve been fans of this parent-run company back when they first launched with just a few bags; and while they now make huge range of cool products for babies and kids, skip*hop bags remain a solid gift choice for parents having second babies, since they blend style and functional design just perfectly.



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Thanks so much to our partner Gugu Guru for helping making it whole lot easier for new parents to create their perfect baby nursery.