For those of you still mourning the final installment of Elephant and Piggie, there’s good news. Mo Willems has delivered to us a new heroine who’s equally lovable. His newest children’s book Nanette’s Baguette follows Nanette as she embarks on her first big adventure: bringing home a baguette for dinner.

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This rhyming for days children’s book explores Nanette’s commitment to her duty, which is unflagging, unwavering, rock solid! Except when she runs into her friends Georgette, Suzette, and Bret with his clarinet. And then again when the temptation of freshly baked bread gets the better of her on the way home, and she’s beset with regret. (Been there, Nan!)

Nanette’s Baguette is such a fun book for any kid (or adult) who’s bungled their first important responsibility, who loses all self-control when it comes to French baking (ah, hello), or who just appreciates clever wordplay. This little frog has me officially charmed, and I hope to see many more of her adventures. Let’s just hope Mo Willems doesn’t run out of “-ette” words anytime soon.

Nanette’s Baguette will be released October 25, 2016. Pre-order on our affiliate Amazon or find it at your local bookshop, along with all the other Mo Willems classics.