Personalized gifts have always been one of our¬†favorite ways to celebrate a loved one, because it turns whatever you’re giving into a special keepsake. Over the years, we’ve seen that personalized keychains are consistently one¬†of our most¬†popular gift ideas here on Cool Mom Picks because, honestly,¬†they’re something pretty much anyone on your holiday list¬†can use and appreciate.

But the only thing better than finding a cool personalized keychain to give, is one that won’t ever be lost.

Impossible, you say? Nope! Thanks to our sponsor Tile, a Bluetooth tracker¬†that we’ve been recommending for ages now. It makes it super simple to find your keys, your wallet, even your cell phone, making it a fantastic add-on to keepsake gifts like keychains that people actually do want to, you know, keep.

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Cool personalized keychains: Use the Tile Mate and Tile Slim to keep track of them

So take a look at these 10 super cool personalized keychains we found, pair it with the new¬†Tile Mate¬†and boom! You have the perfect holiday gift for that special person in your life who¬†is always on the go. They’ll have something they can treasure always — and always be able to find.

Just imagine never again having to ask (or hear), “Have you seen my keys?” That’s a gift all on its own.


Cool personalized keychains: Have your loved one's handwriting engraved by Sierra Metal Designs on Etsy

Personalized keychain with your handwriting

We just love how Sierra Metal Design on Etsy will take your¬†loved one’s handwriting and turn it into a beautiful keepsake keychain. Whether it’s your¬†toddler’s scribbly name or a few words to live by from your late grandmother, this gift will pull at the heartstrings. So be sure to include tissues with this one. (Sierra Metal Design,¬†$28)

Cool personalized keychains: Locket keychain from WithYou Lockets

Custom photo locket keychain

We’ve been longtime fans of WithYou Lockets, a company created by a daughter who lost her father and wanted a way to always keep his memory with her. They’ve expanded their initial offerings to include this lovely¬†keychain inspired by her own brother¬†which features the words¬†with you¬†beautifully engraved on the back. Inside, there’s space for two of your favorite photos. (With You Lockets, $49)

Cool personalized keychains: Metalmorphis turns your kid's art into special keepsakes

Personalized keychain from the kids’ artwork¬†

Look how sweet your kid’s artwork can look on a keychain from one of our favorite artists! We own some of her pieces ourselves, and her work is just exquisite, making this¬†a lovely gift for that special grandparent, godparent, aunt or uncle in your life. The only tricky part is figuring out which masterpiece to feature on this keepsake. (Metalmorphis, $110)

Cool personalized keychains: Tiffany valet keychain with engraving

Personalized engraved sterling keychain

There’s nothing quite like opening that little blue box¬†— you know what we’re talking about. You’ll¬†find a great selection of¬†gorgeous keepsake keychains at Tiffany, all of which can be engraved with your recipient’s initials. We’re particularly fond of the valet keychain, which is as cool looking as it is practical.¬†Especially when paired with a Tile Mate! Ahem. (Tiffany, $215)

Cool personalized keychains: Heart and Stone jewelry keychains

Handmade personalized keychain

You’ll be so pleased with the gorgeous quality and design of everything at mom-owned Heart and Stone Jewelry. Their keychains are completely customizable with names, dates, even latitudes and longitudes. So whether you’re shopping for a new dad, a special friend, a mother-in-law, or a spouse or partner on your holiday list, there’s something here¬†for everyone.¬†(Heart and Stone Jewelry, $112.99)



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Cool personalized keychains: The Tile Slim and Tile Mate use Bluetooth to keep track of your keys and wallet for you.

If you’re tired for searching for your phone, your wallet, and yes, your keys, meet Tile, a smart Bluetooth gadget that helps¬†keep track of them for you. Syncing your Tile to your phone¬†is so, so simple. Then, just download¬†and open the free Tile app, and press “Find.” It will ring¬†whatever the Tile is attached to, whenever you need to find it, within 150 feet.

If¬†you’re out of range, don’t worry! The app will show you the last location of your item.

And if it’s your phone you’ve lost, just press your Tile¬†and it’ll ring that for you too.

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Cool personalized keychains: Photo keychain from Planet JillPersonalized photo keepsake quality keychain

Simply upload your favorite photos at the Planet Jill website and they’ll do the rest to create a beautiful personalized photo keychain. Choose from double-sided¬†or single-sided options, plus various sizes to fit any style or¬†budget. (Planet Jill, $95)

Cool personalized keychains: Nana Has Our Heart for grandparents by Vintage Pearl

Personalized grandparent keychain

This sweet and very affordable Nana Has Our¬†Heart keychain from Vintage Pearl can be customized with whatever name you use for the special grandparent in your life. That’s particularly wonderful¬†if your kids say Nonna, Oma, Popsie, GiGi, or other grandparent names¬†that you can’t readily find in stores. (Vintage Pearl, $35)

Cool personalized keychains: Coach monogrammed bottle opener keychain

Personalized bottle opener keychain with monogram

We know a few dads, granddads, stepdads, and heck, even moms who would love this swanky Coach Bottle Opener keychain, made extra special with the personalized monogram option. Pick from letters, numbers, or symbols to customize this keepsake. (Coach, $45)

Cool personalized keychains: Lustrous elements custom keychain

Personalized multi-name keychain

If you’re looking for a cool personalized keychain¬†for someone¬†with a lot¬†of kids¬†or grandkids, this option from¬†Lustrous Elements on Etsy is perfection. Choose names, birthdates, pet names — whatever it is you want to say within the character limit. Sometimes just, “You’re the best!” works too. (Lustrous Elements, starts at $53)

Cool personalized keychains: State of my heart keychain by Lisa Leonard

Personalized US map keychain

For faraway friends and family, Lisa Leonard’s personalized State of My Heart keychain is a sweet idea. You can choose to have them hand-stamp a¬†single heart (or more) to mark the spot¬†on the map where the¬†VIPs in your life live. (Lisa Leonard, $49)


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Thanks so much to our sponsor Tile for making smart gadgets that have made¬†our lives easier for the last few years. Here’s to never having to look for our keys again. Or better yet, never having to hear, “Have you seen my keys?”¬†