This post was created for our partnership with Suave Essentials

There are definitely certain smells that every parent comes to know. In fact, we think you’ll be pretty familiar with those fragrances — wonderful and uh, otherwise — that we are subjected to on a daily, if not hourly, basis. So we had the best time putting together this fun video about those very things, for our partnership with a brand who gets it too: Suave Essentials body wash.

You know, the stuff from the commercials where three Suave body wash fragrances are chosen over three body wash fragrances from a premium brand?

Take a look at our video, laugh with us, and know you’re not alone!

Then, go try Suave Essentials body washes for yourself. They really do smell terrific (as our kids can vouch, since they spent way too long with us in the aisles of our local drugstore, sniffing every single bottle — twice), with scents like Ocean Breeze, Cucumber Agave Smash, Almond Verbena, and Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea. And even though they smell premium, they’re super affordable. Which is fantastic. Because we think every parent deserves a luxurious extended trip to a tropical spa.

Even if that luxurious extended trip to a tropical spa is really just a few minutes in your own shower, with kids shouting for you right outside the door.

(Just close your eyes. Pretend. You can do it!)

Suave Essentials Body Washes: The ones that smell better than the expensive ones in blind comparison tests [sponsor]

Thanks so much to our sponsor Suave Essentials for making body washes with fragrances that rival the expensive stuff. All products for the video provided by Suave; opinions are our own. To learn more, visit Suave Beauty on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.